6 Of The Best Butt Exercises, You’re Probably Not Doing

Flaunting a body with a good butt is still a trendy thing these days! If you are anything like me, you were not blessed with a curvy, nice butt naturally. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get one with some specific efforts! So, here’s a brand new fitness goal for you- follow a strategic routine to modify and enhance the way your butt looks. Track your fitness goals and get started today on a better butt.

Here are the six best butt exercises to shape your butt nicely:

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A classic lunge helps in maintaining a good physique that includes the butt as well. However, this type makes it better. This variation of a lunge has more of a focus on getting deep into your glutes as well as your outer thighs. When ready for this exercise, keep your feet hip-width apart initially. Next, you need to step the right foot behind your left. This exercise looks somewhat similar to the way you would curtsy a queen. However, you need to bend your knees and keep your body low so that your left thigh goes parallel to the floor. The shoulders, as well as chest, must be kept aback (keep your eyes up and forward to help with this) and the knees bent at straight 90 degrees. As you are working this curtsy lunge into your strength training routine, perform 12 curtsies on each side and do three sets of this exercise.


Balancing one leg instead of two that you would do in a traditional glute bridge does the trick to isolate the muscles and help build the best butt; it is the extra little things that count and what you need to do for a great butt. Start by laying down with your arms by your sides, place the right foot on the floor while extending the left leg straight towards the ceiling. If you find this one difficult to do, extend it a 45-degree angle instead. Pressing through the right heel, you need to lift the hips till your backbone is straight. This is one of the best butt exercises. Do this movement 12 times per leg. Repeat the set up to three times.


The combination of sumo squat with a traditional, classic squat makes this movement better and more effective to develop the muscles in and around your butt. Your weight is focused on your heels. Sit back and down while keeping the chest upwards till your thighs are in a parallel position with the floor surface. After returning to the standing position, rotate your toes by about 45 degrees, and repeat the squat. Ready to feel the glute burn? Do three sets of 15 squat to sumo squat cycles at a time.

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Using a stability ball can be a great way to add more of a challenge into your body-weight exercises. Leaning on it while wall sitting adds a little extra tension to your core and helps in enhancing your balance. It keeps the upper body in control and straight during the exercise. To perform the stability ball wall sit to keep the ball close to your lower/middle back area and move your feet about six inches in front of your body. It should feel as if you are leaning back at an angle. You need to lower your body and your back will roll along with the ball. Move your butt slightly under the ball and squeeze. When the thighs reach a position where they are parallel to the floor, you can stand back again. Try to do 15 in each set and repeat for three sets.


Kickboxing helps in strengthening your core as well as working on your glutes and thighs. When you are including a variety of kicks in the regime that you set such as sidekicks, front and back kicks, high kicks, etc. this will help the muscles in your butt get a good work out and develop.

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The fire hydrant exercise is considered to be one of the most popular butts enhancing exercises. You do not require any equipment and these can be done while watching TV. Set your position right on all fours (tabletop), keeping your knees directly under your hip region and hands stacked directly below your shoulders. While keeping one knee in a bent position, raise your thigh parallel to the floor and keep the pelvis stable. Do the fire hydrant exercise ten times per side. You will feel the butt burn on these!


So now you have a really good list of the best butt exercises and strengthening exercises. These exercises can help you get a good work out routine set for your butt. Remember to follow a routine that suits you and your lifestyle best. If you want a nice butt, you are going to have to put in some work for it! Set your fitness goals and get started.

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