No boring workouts.

No food restrictions.

No experience necessary.


Is the day to lose weight and boost your energy.

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Sick and tired of taking weight loss advice from people who have never struggled with their weight?

Online Personal Training – Online Fitness Coach

Dunnebells is operated by Lucy Dunne, she is an online personal trainer & nutrition coach based in Calgary. Lucy was overweight and was sick and tired of struggling with her weight. She lost 65lbs however, with all the “diets” and gimmicks out there the process was long and painful.

Lucy is now changing the game for clients all over the world as an online personal trainer in Calgary. Meet Lucy or book a Free Chat to get in touch and learn more about the mission of Dunnebells or hire her as your personal fitness coach.

Dunnebells offers 8 weeks weight loss program helping a number of women around the world to get fit with her online personal training program.


Online personal training that fits into your schedule.


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We will set your goals and make sure you actually reach them this time.


Accountability weekly check-ins and motivational messages right when you need them.

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With every purchase, you are gifted funds to donate to the charity of YOUR choice.

It is so nice seeing results, it is like I am in the process of falling in love with myself. I can’t stop checking myself out for the first time in my life
— KF
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