New Routines And A Positive Mindset With The Help Of Dunnebells!

It has been a few years now of online personal training and working with women around the world, I have heard a lot of the same feedback. Majority of women have mentioned one of their biggest struggles is creating their fitness plan to stick to that works!

In my opinion, when you don’t have a plan or a consistent routine, the results are hard to achieve. You might find it hard to even start if you are lacking motivation. I love the fact that my 8-week program doesn’t just guide you through workouts, they educate you on the process as well.

I am so lucky to share this transformation story today. This is proof that a new routine and positive mindset can take you a long way to achieving your fitness goals!

Ivana’s 8-week program journey - @ivanatron - Female, 38 years old

On June 27, 2018, Ivana made the brave step to sign up for the Dunnebells 8-week program. One of the first things that Ivana said to me was that she would love to be able to do at least 2 pull-ups. Ivana expressed that she wanted to be stronger and that she wanted to take care of herself better.

In her email, Ivana explained that she was trying to follow a healthy lifestyle but lacked the drive and motivation to do much about it.

“I don’t like how I feel and I don’t feel healthy. I haven’t been able to do this on my own, and have hoped to have help with this journey”.

Ivana decided she needed to make some changes to her lifestyle. She needed some structure and help with her workouts to get the results she wanted.

After just a few short weeks of Ivana following the Dunnebells 8-week online personal training program, results were starting to show.

“I compared these progress pictures to the first week and wow what a difference already!” said Ivana.

With an upcoming wedding to prepare for, my 8-week program was a great fit for Ivana to incorporate into her busy lifestyle.

Dunnebells 8 week program Ivana.jpg

Ivana crushed the first 8-weeks of her online personal training journey and has been a client ever since. We just celebrated her 1st Dunnebells anniversary (1-year). Ivana has new goals, new dreams, new mindsets around her health and wellness and has seen what her body is capable of doing. Having this fitness program, plan, structure, and support from the Dunnebells community make it so much easier to reach your goals. I am so proud of your hard work. Keep it up!

Hear what Ivana had to say about her 8-week program:

“I am happy because I made it through the 8-weeks without skipping exercises or cheating myself. Sad because this particular journey is finished. I developed a lot of new skills and habits and it’s been beneficial for me. Above all that, I’ve met my chin-up goal and managed to feel pretty damn good about myself overall. I look in the mirror now and I don’t see a lumpy saggy person anymore. I see the muscles I’ve built and the capacity for more to grow. I also see someone who was able to stick to something very intense and difficult for 8-weeks and not give up. So yay! Thank you for guiding me through this process and making all those killer exercises that had me swearing under my breath at the gym (and sweating everywhere)!!! And thank you for all your endless support and encouragement - it made all the difference :)” - Ivana Tratnik

Ivana found a workout and nutrition style and that suited HER and stuck to it! I hope you found her story inspiring.

Remember, real fitness is about creating a lifestyle change and ensuring you aren’t pushing yourself too hard with your workouts. You want to feel confident and energized. 

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