6 signs you are pushing yourself too hard with your workouts

Maintaining a healthy body and mind should include filling your diet with lots of nutrient dense foods and a workout regime that feels good. In today’s world, fitness has become more of a “lifestyle”. The definition of “fitness” says that it's the state of being healthy and physically fit. Being fit means that your body is flexible, you are free of ailments, and all the organs are functioning properly. To achieve this, most adults should workout 20-30 minutes per day 3-4 times per week. Sounds easy right? I am here to make it even easier for you by providing other helpful tips like how to stay fit on a budget

You have probably heard your trainer or instructor scream “GIVE ME ONE MORE REP” and give it your best effort. So where is the line between pushing yourself to get the benefits of an intense workout and pushing yourself too hard that you are doing the opposite? Often, people tend to push too hard and overdo the entire workout regime. This can drastically affect the body and mind. Instead of doing good to the body, you’re just harming it.

There are six ways to know if you are pushing too hard. If you come across these, I recommend that you stop and take a break.

6 signs you are pushing yourself too hard with your workouts:

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If you love working out, it’s supposed to be an enjoyable time. You should be looking forward to working out and not dreading it. There might be days when you don’t feel too good and aren’t as motivated to go to the gym. But, once you set the tunes and break a sweat, you’re brain actually released fun chemicals which help you to feel great. If that’s not the case, this could be a sign that you’re pushing too hard. 


You might be one of those people, who live by the saying, ‘No pain, no gain.' It's true that muscles get sore after a few hours of strenuous work. After a few weeks into it your workout routine, the muscles get used to taking the load and don’t ache. But what if you are still in a decent amount of pain after your regular workout regime? Put some attention to the time window of when the pain occurs. Does the soreness occurs after a few hours of working out or while doing it? If the answer is latter, this could be a sign you are pushing too hard. The human body is an incredible machine, when you workout, you cause minor tears in your muscles, especially after a vigorous workout. If you don’t rest and let the body heal, things just get worse. Rest and recovery are crucial.


A golden rule of exercising is that "If you ever feel any joint pain, you should stop immediately." Joints are sensitive and one of the most important parts of the body. If your joints are achy, you may need to look at your form. If your form is solid, you simply may need to give your body a break. Some other great things to consider doing if you have joint paint: Massage, introduce collagen into your diet, hot and cold therapy, and physiotherapy.


A very common issue I see many people run into is that due to extreme muscle soreness and/or low levels of energy from pushing too hard their results take a hit. This is a sure fire way to stunt your workout progress. Take it slow, rest and recover so you can perform. Another common issue I see people come up against is not fuelling themselves enough and pushing too hard. Your body knows better, it can go into “survival” mode and any fat you are trying to burn, your body will hold on to for dear life. To ensure you are getting enough fuel for your workout check out my article a beginners guide to tracking macronutrients.


Workouts should boost your immunity system. Do you have those “fitfriends” who seem to never get sick? They avoid the colds, flu, and are always full of energy? There is a reason for that! When you’re working out, there are shifts in your body, which results in the blood pressure changing constantly. Sometimes, you may feel dizzy and sick after you finish at the gym. This is often due to dehydration and fatigue. If you find yourself falling ill often, it could be because you’re pushing too hard. There have been a number of studies, that prove the body’s immunity drops for a few hours after a strenuous regime. If you don’t have enough of a rest period between consecutive workouts, you can easily get sick.


Vomiting pre, during or post workout is not cool. You throw up because your body can't handle the strain and you're pushing too hard. This occurs due to blood pressure imbalance, electrolyte imbalance and the fluid equilibrium in the body. Hight intensity workouts with little or no rest can quickly impact the conditions inside your body. This will sometimes result in you throwing up. This is one of the ultimate sign that you're pushing too hard. Listen to your body.

Fitness is about building a strong body and mind; not ruining it. Set limits, as per your body’s convenience and workout safely. Nothing is worth damaging your muscles and deteriorating your precious health. Taking proper rest is as important as exercising every day. Find out the best fitness tips to ensure you are training properly. 


Prevent exercise burnout and listen to the warning signs that you may be pushing yourself too hard with your workouts.

If you want to burn fat, have more energy and develop some toned arms you don’t need to kill yourself in the process.

Trust me, I lost over 65 lbs and anytime I went too hard the results came to a screaming hault and I would end up getting sick or injured. If you want some help, invest in an online personal trainer. This will keep your costs down and provide you with the proper training and nutrition you need to exceed your goals.

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Stay strong. Be the fire.


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