JUST THE TIP TUESDAY: 6 ways to naturally detox

This post is all about how to naturally detox, the best and quickest ways!

Detoxing is a core principle for a good and healthy body. It helps your liver to work more efficiently and remove all the toxins from the body naturally. Do you know, your body detoxifies itself 24/7. Surprised? Now, it is time to do an even better job at when it comes to doing a natural detox.

But the biggest question is, how to naturally detox the body?

There are a few ways that can help you naturally detox the body. These easy to follow ways will optimize your body processes and keep your body clear of toxins. 

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Let us have a look at them in detail and take our first step towards a healthier life:

1. Drink Water:

Water is undoubted, the biggest way that helps you naturally detox the body. Almost every basic function of your body needs water to function properly, be it producing saliva, removing toxins, perspiration, etc.  Thus, drink lots and lots of water. You can even add lemon or cucumber to your water to make it taste different.

2. Exercise:

Exercise is a great method to maintain a healthy mind and a healthy body. Exercising helps you sweat and when you sweat, it is nothing but the toxins released by your skin. It also keeps your stress at bay. How cool is that? Remember, there is nothing more dangerous than stress to a healthy mind and body! If you need some of the best exercises to reduce stress, jump into this FREE group and keep your eyes open for lots of free stress reducing workouts. Alternatively, check out 6 of the best ways to burn belly fat by reading one of the previous just the tip Tuesday's here.

3. Drink Tea:

While there is nothing compare to water to sip all day, herbal teas greatly help to naturally detox the body. Have some herbal tea that can help you stay hydrated and flush out some toxins. So, what are you waiting for? Curl up for a hot mug of herbal tea today!

4. Eat Greens And Fibre:

The benefits of veggies and fruits are beyond imagination. They ensure adequate antioxidant and fibre levels that neutralize and properly eliminate toxins. So, whether you are whipping up some green smoothie or having a bowl of salad, eating more greens and fibre should become a part of your daily routine.

5. Cut Alcohol Intake:

Long term and regular use of alcohol impacts the process by which the liver break down and remove harmful substances from your body. Cut your alcohol intake so that the liver can work efficiently to remove toxins from your body. You don’t realize, but alcohol wrecks your sleep too.

6. Breath And Move:

Deep breathing increases the level of oxygen in your body , thus, helping in eliminating waste from the blood. Consciously focus on your breathe and make sure you are breathing the right way.

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