JUST THE TIP TUESDAY: 6 ways to burn belly fat

Everyone aspires to have their ideal body shape. Often, love handles or stomach fat are problem areas for us. What irritates people the most is the stubborn fat present around the belly. We all know that it is difficult to burn belly fat and also that it shows very easily. Spending time, energy and money in the gym might not get you the results you always want. Here are six ways to burn belly fat:

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1. Work out total body vs. doing only crunches:

It takes more than just crunches to reduce belly fat. Most of the body fat is concentrated around your belly, thighs and butt. A full body workout is required to burn belly fat. Cardio exercises like running, jumping, skipping are best for burning belly fat. 

2. Eat a balanced diet:

Always remember that your body is based on only thirty percent of exercise and seventy percent on the diet. Indulge yourself in healthy eating habits. Some changes you can easily make that will make a difference are reducing your sugar intake, eat green leafy vegetables and more fruits. Reduce intake of packed and processed foods. Junk food and convenient foods can take away all your hard work. 

3. Cut down sodium and increase water:

Cutting down the salt from the diet does not particularly reduce weight. But it sheds off the water weight present in your body. Always keep yourself hydrated. When you drink more water and less salt, then water removes the toxins. Cutting down on salt removes the excessive water that usually causes bloating in your belly. With that being said, don’t completely remove salt from your diet as that can lead to dehydration. There is a happy balance to strive for here. 

4. Lift heavy weights:

The simple formula of weight loss is eating fewer calories than you are burning in a day so that your body burns the stored fat. Lifting heavy weights burns calories and can place you in the "after burn" mode. Lifting weights is definitely an important component leading to burn belly fat. 

5. Abs are made in the kitchen:

The saying goes "You are what you eat" and it is TRUE. Your body is the place where you live in therefore treat your body like a temple.  Don’t allow any junk to enter in. It is true that abs are made in the kitchen. The nutritional content of the food you take in directly correlates with how your body will respond to the other healthy efforts you are putting in. 

6. Get adequate sleep and rest:

If you are someone who works late or watches Netflix at night, then you can make some simple changes which will improve your overall health & wellness.  If you are awake till late, it is very common that you will also eat more snacks at night. When your body is tired, your cravings for sugar increases. Strive for at least 7 hours of sleep to assist you in achieving those ideal belly goals! There may be some other reasons why you are always tired, see last weeks JUST THE TIP TUESDAY: 6 reasons why you are always tired

It takes time to attain your dreams. Be consistent with your training and diet and you will observe the changes in your body. Hard work is the key to everything but making smart decisions along with will help you achieve your goals quickly. If you follow the above points, then in no time you will be able to burn belly fat and have a flat .

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