A year in review. 2018 Highlights, hard times and lessons learned.

It is time for another year in review article and it seems like this year flew by. Not that long ago I was writing my 2017 year in review, and here we are again with a big cup of coffee, top knot and ready to take some time to reflect.


So here we go, buckle up as we dive right in to looking back on 2018 and set our sights on what is going to be a huge 2019!


- Apparently, it was a year of speaking (it must be the Aussie accent). Honoured to be invited to speak at some incredible events in 2018:

YYC Fit Expo

ILEA ONE Workshop


StressLess Week - University of Calgary

Cancer Chic Event

Women Build Launch Party

Chic Geek Summit

Azuridge (with EWI)

- Invited to be a guest on a few incredible Podcasts:

Ace Talks

Markting in Yoga Pants

Luscious Hustle

Impact Story with Bottom Line Marketing

(check out some more on my press page here)

- Dunnebells website got some TLC and a complete overhaul with the help of my marketing wizard Lisa

- Dunnebells got an APP! Now making everything easier for my clients. The app contains workouts, nutrition, support and more all via the palm of your hand

- Matched with the most incredible Mentor Alisha via the Chic Geek mentorship program (if you don’t have a mentor, GET ONE)

- Launched monthly charity classes at Square 1 with all proceeds going to the charities the Dunnebells community picks

- Partnership with Vital Proteins. Monthly giveaways, recipes, events and providing clients with incredible product collagen (not sure what this is all about? Read 5 surprising benefits of collagen and how to take it)

- Welcomed onto the CHEK SQUAD team with SportChek

- 2018 Women Build Ambassador for Habitat for Humanity

- Another wildly successful sold-out BE THE FIRE retreat held at The Coutts Centre.

- Westin Wellness Retreat

- ATB X Cohort 5 (A business accelerator program)

- Sponsored social influencer posts with FIt4Less and other incredible partners

- Started Flow and Arrow with Marin McCue

- Switching from email and “form” weekly check-ins to LIVE video calls with clients all over the world (BIG SUCCESS)

- Officially became a Work Nicer member. If you are in Calgary or Edmonton, check them out!

If I can lose the weight, you can lose the weight. Trust me!

If I can lose the weight, you can lose the weight. Trust me!


- Not participating in KNOW with the lovely Brittany Kolba

- Was nominated but unfortunately did not win Top Trainer award with Impact Magazine

- Wisdom teeth, all 4 + an infection = enough said

- Allowing my business to get me down during hard times. You can read more about that here.

- Letting my personal health and wellness goals slip (don’t worry, I put myself in my own 8-week program after Kelsi suggested it and got right back on track)

Dunnebells losing weight.jpg


Well, there we have it. 2018 in review including the highlights, hard times and now for some important lessons learned.

  1. None of this could have been done without the support of my tribe. My people. You know who you are. In the wise words of my good friend Alex Putici “No one succeeds alone” and I am no exception from that rule.

  2. My clients are my everything! Grateful for each and every one of you for trusting me with your transformation journey and I feel so fortunate to ride the highs and lows with you every single day.

  3. Being an Entrepreneur isn’t always as glorious as Instagram may make it seem. It involves huge risk and is not for the faint-hearted. As you can see I have FAR more HIGHS than LOWS so in my opinion, it is totally worth it. If you are thinking about launching a business, start with what you have, and just start!

  4. My family, friends, and fiance Kelsi are still the MOST important thing in this whole entire world. Love you guys and I am so grateful for you.

2018 was a success. Thank you for being part of the ride.

As I look forward to 2019, I wanted to share a few things that I am getting really excited about. Don’t worry, more info to come!

2019 GOALS:

- Continue to raise a sh*t ton of money for charity!

- Attend one conference/summit that requires me to get on a plane

- Provide more features (totally different and never done before) and events for my Dunnebells clients and community

- Grow personally and invest the time and energy required to do so

- Travel to some incredible places with the love of my life, Kelsi

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the Dunnebells journey in 2018. Looking forward to a HUGE 2010 with you! Let’s do this!

Stay strong. Be the fire. Happy Holidays.

Dunnebells xo

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