A year in review. 2017 Highlights, hard times and lessons learned.

2017 was quite the year! For me, it was all about YOU! My fierce tribe and all of the journeys you have been on.

This is my online journal post as I look back on 2017 and share with you what has me inspired for 2018.


- Was a vendor at the first YYC Fit expo held at the BMO Centre.

- Introduced my "giving first" fitness programs where money is gifted to every client to donate to THEIR charity of choice.

- Launched an apparel line so you can all look lit in the gym or on the streets.

- Listening to the journeys and the life changing stories of women who participated in ELEV8 or No. 21 programs.

- Hosting and growing our "Pause for a cause" events enriching the community through physical and mental health while raising a sh*t ton of money for local charities.

- Became an ambassador for Play City because I truly believe we are all better together (and you cannot play tennis very well by yourself).

- Was lucky enough to be a guest on the Ideas and Stuff podcast with Michael Montgomery. Sharing intimate details of my dark past because nobody is perfect.

- Published the "All protein erythang" free e-book for your enjoyment.

- Filmed an epic video with the amazing crew from New West to share my message and to continue to inspire women around the world to be the best version of themselves possible.

*Oh, and I GOT ENGAGED!!*

Dunnebells - Be successful.png



- Hosting multiple meal prepping classes, investing time and energy and having nobody show up to teach.

- Tricking myself into believing that I have a web design degree and know what I am doing.

- Forgetting to proof the info graphic order prior to printing 2000 copies.

- Hand writing 250 gift cards for an Edmonton company and mailing them to the wrong address. Never to be seen again.

- Ordering hundreds of custom fitness items for my clients online through what looked like a "trusted" site only to receive a letter from a law firm informing me that this company has been found guilty of fraud and is no longer in operation.

OOOPS!! Dunnebells.jpg

Lessons learned

The entrepreneur life can be terrifying. Isolating. Dark and filled with hard times. Thankfully, I am surrounded by an incredible community who remind me constantly that what has been created is worthwhile and is making a big impact.

I am a firm believer that nobody is perfect and the moment you stop striving for perfection, you will find your sweet spot. You will try new things and you will break through barriers you once thought were impossible. 

The key to my success in 2017 is feeling the highs, celebrating the wins and sitting uncomfortably through the hard times. None of this would have been possible without the amazing partners and supporters in our community.

Play City, Nutri-go, Gorp, Routine Cream, Work Nicer, ATB Financial.

Looking ahead to 2018, here is a taste of some things I am excited for. Don't worry, there are PLENTY of other things planned but I can't spill all the beans at once.


  • Raise over $100K for local charities through events focused on health, well-being and enriching community.

  • Co-host a Canadian wide fitness movement.

  • Develop Standard Operating Procedures and work with a strong business mentor re: strategy

  • Make the Dunnebells tribe bigger and better than ever.

Thank you for being part of the Dunnebells journey in 2017. Looking forward to a HUGE 2018 with you!

Happy Holidays.

Dunnebells xo