10 ways to AVO good day!

Avocados have SO many health benefits. Here are 10 ways you can AVO good day by introducing these into your life. Side note: I used to be that girl who was scared to eat fats, even the "healthy" ones. I used to cut an avocado into tablespoon sizes and only allow myself to have one of those servings a day. WHAT?! I look back now and seriously question my sanity. Eat fat to lose fat ladies!

Okay, back to those health benefits!

- Good for your heart ! Cardiovascular health.

- Pump. Normalize that blood pressure.

- #f*ckcancer. Loaded with antioxidants to to protect your cells.

- Moist. I said it. Improve skin tone and appearance.

- Diabetes help/prevention. Lower bad cholesterol.

- Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis. Eating avocados will act as an anti-inflammatory = crack away (only half kidding). 

- Knocked up? Trying to be? Helps to prevent birth defects for those expecting.

- Fiber. Everybody does it.

- Eat fat = Lose fat.

- Overall health - Nutrient intake improves and metabolic system will love you.

In case you needed another reason to grab some avocados the next time you are shopping, you now have 10 ! Interested in some recipes you can easily add avocados into?  Avocado chocolate vegan balls should be in your fridge, at all times!

Do you eat avocados regularly? What do you find has been the biggest change in your health/appearance since eating them? Comment below for free and share with me your ways!

Stay strong. Eat avocados. Be the fire.