6 Feel-Like-You're-Cheating Low-Calorie Snacks

Save yourself in the weak moments with healthy feel-like-you’re-cheating low-calorie snacks that will satisfy your cravings! For salty, we've got popcorn; sweet, there's donuts and cookies; and savory, tacos. Our favorite? The two slices of bacon, which satisfy that salt craving and deliver on the protein to get you through to the next meal. Go ahead, let the cravings commence.

Here are six of your new favourite tongue satisfiers that you can have in your diet and can still be healthy:

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1.Two Scoops Of Ice Cream (207 Calories): 

Ice cream isn’t always as bad as you may think! Ice cream contains many vitamins including vitamin A, C, D and E and vitamin K as well. Do you know there is a special diet, Ice cream Diet too in trend these days??? Two scoops of ice creams can easily fulfill your cravings and contains only207 calories. If you consume ice cream during “cheat meals” or say once in a week it will not affect your diet in any way. It can actually do the opposite. Can there be a better tongue satisfier than ice cream? We talk all about the best and worst cheat meals inside my online personal training programs.

2. Two Tacos (226 Calories): 

Tacos are are great snack of meal to fill your hunger. They are best when you add some kind of protein. Two tacos contain 226 calories. You can garnish them with salt-free seasonings and add little amount of meat or lots of vegetables like carrots, tomatoes or any green leafy vegetables. Don’t miss out on Taco Tuesday ever again!

3. One Donut (200 Calories): 

Here comes everyone’s favorite, donut. You might think that donuts add a lot of calories that are difficult to shed but one donut contains 200 calories. Sugar is not the devil and for your mental health and sanity it can actually. be a good thing! Consuming a donut after a workout can help to replenish muscle-glycogen and will not be stored as fat.

4. Two Oreos (90 Calories): 

A chocolate biscuit is one of the most common tongue satisfiers to consummate your sweet desire. Not only are Oreos easy to snack on and travel with, they are pretty low in calories as two Oreos contain just 90 calories which can be shredded hastily. Did you know, Oreos are vegan? During my vegan lifestyle this was one of the most incredible discoveries I ever made. You are welcome.

5. Two slices of bacon (86 calories): 

Bacon does not contain trans-fat, the most harmful form of fat which your body preserves resulting in bloating. Two slices of bacon contain just 86 calories. Bacon is good for protection of your heart and also reduces the rate of brain-related illness. One of the bacon health benefits is that it has a high protein to fat ratio, making it a good source of animal protein. It does contain fat, of course; about half is saturated fat, while about half of the fat content is unsaturated and contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which do have health benefits.

6. Three cups of popcorn (no butter, 120 calories): 

Popcorns make one the most superlative snacks while you are on a diet. Three cups of popcorn, when taken without butter, have 120 calories. They act as whole grain food and also help in fighting cancer and are the best option for diabetic people.

There is a misconception with most of the people that you can only lose weight when you restrict your diet. That is not true, you can satisfy your taste buds with delicious foods and maintain your health at the same time. All you need to do is check the amounts you are taking in. The above points will surely help you understand the tactics of weight loss better. You can even have a look at the various ways to control hunger shared recently. 6 ways to control hunger

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Thanks for reading another Just The Tip Tuesday!

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