6 ways to control hunger - JUST THE TIP TUESDAY!

The 6 best ways to control hunger are very important to know if you are on your fitness journey, especially if losing weight is one of your goals. At the end of the day, reducing your daily calorie intake is crucial because weight loss = calories in vs. calories out. To be honest with you, most of the weight loss diets often increase appetite and hunger. In fact, everything that you have been avoiding seems too tempting to be ignored and you end up eating something that you shouldn't be eating. This can really make it difficult for you to lose weight or to keep it at bay!

Here Are The Top 6 Ways To Control Hunger And Appetite:

1. Prioritize Protein In Your Meal:

Adding protein to your diet will give you the feeling of being full. As a result, you eat less at your next meal, which helps in weight loss. You also don't feel the need to mindlessly snack in between meals because you are slightly hungry.  A high protein intake paired with the correct training will provide you with some muscle mass and allow you to burn more calories even when you aren't working out. On an average, consuming protein as much as 20–30% of your total calorie intake, provides enough benefits. Here are some good sources of protein.

2. Drink Coffee:

Coffee is known to decrease your overall appetite. It is also associated with various health and sports performance too. However, it is the decaffeinated coffee that leads to the highest reduction in hunger, as much as up to 3 hours after you consume it.

3. Eat More Fiber:

Eating more fiber helps a lot to control hunger. It basically stretches your stomach and slows down the rate at which it feels hungry. Thus, you feel fuller by eating less. A high fiber intake releases the fullness hormones and produces short-chain fatty acids too, thereby helping in weight loss.

4. Eat Some Fats:

Yes, you read that correctly. Some fats are actually good! Fats like Omega-3 fats are known to increase levels of the fullness hormone. Even after eating fewer calorie foods, you will feel more full. Have you heard the saying eat fat to lose fat? It is TRUE! Don't allow your body to hold on tightly to the fat that it has because it is in fear that it isn't getting enough in your regular diet. 

5. Lift Weights Before Doing Cardio:

Your weight training program basically uses your glycogen as fuel. By lifting weight first, the majority of your stored glycogen burns. Doing cardio after crushing the weights burns more fat. After you exercise, have something that contains a decent amount of protein so your muscles can use that as fuel. Some great examples of things to eat after your workout can be found in my article here. 

6. Get Enough Sleep:

A lack of sleep can disrupt your hormone levels tricking you to feel hungry even when your body doesn't need food. So, sleep tight is all we recommend here! Getting enough sleep is also known to control hunger, helping in weight loss. Too little sleep increases hunger and strikes, as much as 24%! There could be some other reasons why you are always feeling tired, I have provided some easy fixes for you so that you can feel and perform at your best! Bonus challenge: 1 hour before going to sleep, switch off from all technology and allow your mind and eyes some rest before falling into your deep slumber.

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