Stephanie's incredible transformation: Health and fitness motivation from this Dunnebells Mom

I am continually blown away by the incredible Dunnebells transformations and stories you all share with me! I can’t even begin to express how happy your weight-loss and transformation stories make me. Your stories are such an inspiration — not just to me but to the entire Dunnebells community too. 

The story I feel blessed to bring to you today is from the incredible Stephanie who has had not only a physical transformation but a complete mindset transformation too. I know so many moms find it difficult to make time for themselves but getting a really quick workout in just a few times a week can make a huge (and very positive) difference. When a few exercise days are combined with counting macros inside the Dunebells 8-week program the results are out of this world.

I hope you enjoy reading this transformation story from Steph as much as I do.

Stephanie’s results after just 5 weeks!

Stephanie’s results after just 5 weeks!

Steph’s Dunnebells online personal training Journey — @stephmcfet

When I first started working with Steph she was tired of feeling the way she did. She was sick of being unhappy with how she looked. Steph “just wanted to feel good again”.

Steph was excited to learn how to make herself a priority. Although Steph was terrified, she trusted that this online personal training program was what she needed and she couldn’t have been more correct.

After completing the first few weeks of Dunnebells 8-week program, Steph was already noticing some changes in her body, mood, energy levels and her strength.

Steph dunnebells.jpg

“I feel like my mindset has shifted a lot. It's not all the time but I know that I can do this now. I know I can put one foot in front of the other and just keep moving.” Steph said.

While on vacation, the beautiful thing about this online personal training program was that we made the modifications Steph needed to continue making progress. Steph made this comment while on her travels:

“Well, we did over 12, 000 steps today including our walk and workout (hubby did the workout with me!!!!!!!!!! It made me so happy). We ate a delicious cinnamon bun and had burgers and salad. And I feel like a rockstar.”

Steph had so many breakthroughs and decided to continue with the Dunnebells program because she loved it so much.

“Thank you for your support and levelheadedness when it feels like I'm having a shitty day. That outside person to reach out to is so helpful!”

What is even more impressive? Steph went to the Doctor and received some good news!

“I had my cholesterol checked again (I have had 2 high results over the past 2 years. It's part of what made me reach out to you initially). It's still slightly elevated but has come down significantly in the past 9 weeks of working with you! My doctor told me "great job, keep up the good work." So woohoo! Another win for us!!!”

Steph, you are on fire girl and I know this is just the beginning for you! I am so proud of you. All your hard work and effort has paid off. Keep it up!

Stay strong. Be the fire.

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