Hard work, consistency and following the Dunnebells program yields huge results!

I get questions all the time about fitness routines and how to see progress.

You may feel sometimes as though nothing is changing, progress isn’t happening and you are probably using the scale to measure your progress.

I get it, you want to feel like your hard work is paying off and we are programmed to believe the scale will show us that our hard work is getting us results. It is that quick reassurance that you need to validate what you are doing is working. Let’s have a think about this though. Why are we using the scale to measure progress? Who really cares about that number? Would you rather hit a certain number on the scale or feel amazing in your new pair of jeans that are your “goal size”? It can be extremely frustrating when the numbers on the scale aren’t moving or even worse, they go the wrong way!

This is why we do things differently at Dunnebells. We focus on a much better way of tracking changes during your fitness journey. The Dunnebells 8-week program transformation story I am sharing today is a great example of why we do this! Read Linsay’s story below and don’t forget to check out my Instagram for more progress photos from my Dunnebells 8-week program ladies!

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Linsay’s Dunnebells journey — @linsaysmetaniuk 31 years old

On October 20, 2017, Linsay decided it was time for a change. Linsay has told me she was really sick of yo-yo dieting. Losing 20 lbs and then gaining it all back just as fast.

Linsay completed (and owned) her Dunnebells 8-week online personal training program and was feeling amazing. Linsay was loving the feeling of lifting heavy weights and she even bought herself a new pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones so she could stay focused and in the zone.

In the beginning, Linsay wasn’t sure she was going to be able to stay motivated, reach her goals or overcome some of the bad relationships with food and overindulging that she had. Linsay decided to go all in and it wasn’t long before she started to feel her mindset shift and for her results to show.

Linsay was loving the Dunnebells community and all of the support and extra accountability from women around the world who she had never met. Linsay also used some of the recipes in the Dunnebells 8-week program meal plan and loved trying new things!

Focusing on nutrient-dense foods and not worrying about counting calories has been a huge step in the right direction for Linsay. She has realized that is more than okay to have things like chips and ice-cream while on her fitness journey and these things will not hinder results or progress.

Dunnebells 8-week program has helped Linsay find a whole new level of self-confidence and she is so happy that she made the decision to sign up. Linsay has completed multiple 8-week programs and calls herself a Dunnebells lifer and it is a term we are loving!


Hear more about what Linsay has to say:

“I wanted to share a little something that happened to me yesterday. I went shopping with a friend and I moved down to SIZE 4!

I texted my husband with so much happiness and pride. He responded back to me and asked me if I remembered calling him crying a few years ago when I trying on a size 12 and needed to move up to a 14.

I have been a member of Dunnebells programs since 2017. I’ve failed a lot over the last couple of years and that’s exactly why I’ve reached my goals. When I gained the weight back, had a binge, or emotionally ate... I woke up determined to figure out why and looked at it as if I was failing forward. Figure out your WHY, prioritize it and always fail forward. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Put in the hard work now and take the long road because whatever you do to lose weight or gain muscle is something that you will have to maintain.

I didn’t do anything crazy. I didn’t follow a strict diet and barely followed the macros Lucy suggested. I was consistent with healing my relationship with food, I learned not to suffer alone and was really consistent with my workouts.

You can do it too and never giving up is exactly how you are going to win.”

That’s how Linsay shows us that hard work, consistency and following the Dunnebells program yields huge results!

Wow, Linsay! Your story blows me away and I am so incredibly proud of you. Linsay is now inspiring others at her studio 30-Minute hit! Congratulations!

If you have a transformation you would like to share with me, please email it to hello@dunnebells.com

Stay strong. Be the fire.

Lucy <3