Secret strategy for reaching your goals!

Everyone wants to know what the secret is to reach your goals! If you missed it, I talked about some other ways to crush your fitness goals here and here but THIS post is about one specific, easy to change phrase to try that may be the secret to your success! 

One of the biggest reasons we fail is because we actually don't believe we can do it. For some of us, it is easier to avoid taking responsibility for something by using the words "I can't". Think about that for a second. "I can't". Feels safe. Feels normal. Feels boring in my opinion! 

The same goes when you say "I don't have time". Do you really not have the time or are you just not willing to make whatever the thing is a priority? "I don't have time" is "I don't feel like doing that" in disguise. 

So, where the hell am I going with this and what is the secret easy change for you to make to reach your goals?! 

Some random study, a few years ago was conducted and it involved resisting the urge to eat chocolate. Thank god I wasn't one of those participants is all I can say! But seriously, those who said "I can't eat ____" ate the chocolate 61% of the time. What is SO surprising is the comparison to those who said: "I don't eat ____" - only 36% of those people ate the chocolate.



I could rattle on about the science behind our language having a direct impact on our behaviour, but I won't. What I will suggest is that if you struggle with trying to eat "healthy" and you feel like nothing is working, change your wording up! Trick your brain to NOT feel deprived in a few simple words. 

If you feel like this isn't your jam and you want to try some other ways of crushing your fitness goals when it comes to eating, read my article here about intuitive eating which 100% worked for me! 

This technique can be used in ALL areas of your life, not just when it comes to food choices. Try taking notice of when you and how often you say "I can"t". Even if those words are just an internal thought, this is a mindset I want you all to break away from!

There you have it, an easy phrase that I know you can all try to change and I am interested to hear from you as to the noticeable differences that start to occur in your life as a result of this! Let me know by commenting below!  

As always, I cannot wait to support you on your journey. Now is the time to join me, one powerful group of women, on one transforming venture starting June 24th. Apply now before you miss out! 

 Stay strong. Be the fire.


P.S - Anyone interested in the random study can read more about it here.