What is the best sports bra for your bust? || Just the tip Tuesday - Dunnebells!

With all of the bouncing, running, moving, and jumping during your workouts it is important to know what is the best sports bra to support your bust! Your boobs shouldn’t follow with all of this moving and bouncing. This can be painful and harmful to your breast tissue.

We did some digging to find what the best sports bras are out there right now, no matter what your breast size!

From yoga to Crossfit, A cup to D cup, we have what works for you.

Here is everything you need to know about the best sports bra for your bust:

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I never knew how much of a difference a correctly fitting sports bra could make to my workout and performance. When BraTopia invited me into their beautiful Edmonton trail location I had no idea what I was in for. I quickly learned that the sports bra I have been pulling over my shoulders will struggle to support me properly because shoulders are wider than ribcages.

Your sports bra band should be snug but not too tight. As long as your breast tissue is all in the bra, those little bits of skin that sit on the side, you know that bit nears your armpits? Yeah, that is totally okay! Shoulder straps on your sports bra should feel secure, try and think about supporting your breast from the back vs. cranking on the straps to lift your breasts for more support.

Finding a supportive and comfortable sports bra that fits wasn’t hard at BraTopia. They did a great job at explaining the sizing and what would cause discomfort and potentially lead to injury over time.

Another thing that I thought was really neat that BraTopia offers was the BOUNCE test. Yep, you read that right. A mini trampoline allows you to test your sports bra so you can see and feel the support difference.


You need a sports bra that can stand up to your most intense high impact workouts right? I would recommend the Panache Underwire Sports Bra. I tried it on and when I was told it had a wire, I couldn’t imagine how horrible that would feel. To my surprise, I couldn’t even feel the wire! The Panache sports bra did a great job at giving me two boobs instead of that one single boob that other sports bras give and it provided wonderful support and coverage.

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BraTopia. Never dread bra shopping again! The lovely staff make you feel warm and welcome the moment you walk in the door. The “fitting” is done with clothes on so you feel comfortable and they do a wonderful job at finding you lots of options that tick all the boxes. Here are just a few of those boxes that I know are important for me, and probably you: Style, support, comfort, price.

You can book your fitting appointment online or in person by clicking here.


The most important thing you can do when you try on a sports bra is the bounce test. Jump in the bra, bend in the bra, replicate movements you would do during your workout. This will really help you determine if the bra is suited for your needs.

Here are a few other things you can do in the dressing room to make sure the sizing and measuring of your sports bra are right:

  • Lift your arms above your head to see if the bra bottom band lifts up or moves.

  • With your arms by your side, look for skin spilling out of the cups, this may indicate you need a bigger cup size or a different style of sports bra.

  • Bend over and ensure that you feel secure and that no extra tension occurs on your back or shoulders. 

The lovely ladies at BraTopia help you to ensure the bra fits correctly.

The lovely ladies at BraTopia help you to ensure the bra fits correctly.


Like anything, you get what you pay for.

Besides your shoes, I believe as a woman the other most important piece of workout gear is your sports bra. It keeps your chest supported and protects you long term. Your breast tissue can stretch over time without proper support.

Instead of spending $29.99 at Winners consider investing a little bit more ($79-$120). This may seem like a lot at first, but when you take care of this sports bra it will last you so many years and provide the support you need to perform your best.


Gone are the days where you had to compromise on style to get the right support. There are many great options to offer stellar support for large breasts that are insanely cute!

Let’s be honest, the bounce factor for a bustier woman can place one extra barrier that we don’t need in front of the exercise game. Who wants to run, crush these arm toning workouts or bust our burpees when it causes pure pain on the breasts? More importantly, a larger-breasted woman wearing incorrect support can create serious health concerns, so this is nothing to treat lightly.

Here are the most important things to consider if you have large breasts when shopping for a sports bra:

  • Avoid the traditional sports bra, with that single flat piece of material across the front. Go for two separate cups so each breast gets the support it needs!

  • Look for more coverage in a higher neckline or wider straps. Both on the shoulders and on the band.

  • Stretch the material in places like the front, cups, and bands. Less stretch is best.

If you are looking for the best sports bra for your bust, head to BraTopia or shop online. They offer sports bra with and without underwire as well as low to high impact bras for all your support needs.