6 Of The Best Workouts To Do During A Cleanse

Have you ever felt the need to do a complete cleanse for your body to get rid of the terrible toxins? Have you ever felt the need to do so as you believe it will cleanse your soul along with it?

When you think of a machine or a piece of equipment, after a period of time, it requires thorough cleaning and a little oiling. This ensures its proper functioning and also prevents any probable damage. This is why it is crucial to remove impurities from a system. The same principle can be applied to our bodies. Sometimes we just need to clean things up and get rid of the unwanted impurities in the form of toxins, pollutants, and negative emotions. Cue, the CLEANSE.


Personally, my body does not respond that well to cleanses. However, many of my clients, friends and family members report the exact opposite!

It is important for you to know that when you are dealing with impurities this only means dealing with toxins that have a physical nature.  However, it is also important to get rid of damaging thoughts (negative self-talk) and emotions that can corrupt our mind and affect our performance. If this isn’t done or addressed your other efforts made regarding your health and wellness may not be making any difference.

I am not here to tell you which cleanse is best for you. My advice is to try one. Try something if you are curious about it and don’t let anyone talk you out of it. Just do you. What I am here to talk about is the best workout to do during a cleanse.

The following is a list of 6 best workouts that can help get rid of all impurities within the body. So, pull your socks up and let’s begin!

Working out on a cleanse

Yoga on a cleanse

This art is being used to cure different ailments for thousands of years. Yoga might look like some primitive aerobics; however, there is much more to this art. Scientific research has proved the incredible benefits of this art on the human body. Yoga helps to open the various chakras of our body. This enables the energy to flow efficiently throughout your body which throws out emotional impurities.  It is only because of this cleansing and flow of energy that we feel refreshed after a yoga session.  By enabling smooth flow of energy, yoga also makes it difficult for negativity to infiltrate your mind.

Like any other activity, yoga also comprises of three levels (elementary, intermediate, mastery). After clearing all levels, you reach a beautiful position of transcendence. So, go find an instructor and explore what this ancient art has to offer. This art is known to cleanse your body and mind of all that is negative and hampers your well-being.

Foam Roll on a cleanse

The foam roll is a unique and fun way to work out and get rid of toxins. It involves a cylindrical object made from foam to be used for various exercises. You can find many foam roll fitness exercises on the internet. It is like a gym in your backpack! You will find that some of the foam rolling exercises can be strenuous and result in heavy perspiration. This is what will help in detoxification of your skin and your body. This instrument definitely deserves a place in your workout bag. Get started on cleansing your body today!

Meditate on a cleanse

Have you ever wondered what an entirely different world exists within your mind? It is a place that offers absolute peace. Meditation is a gateway to that entire different world.  When you engage in meditation, it will simply vaporize the impurities of the mind. When your mind loses focus and drives, it begins to capture impure and negative thoughts. Meditation offers you the ability to capture absolute control over your emotions and helps you attain unwavering focus.

It fills your mind with consciousness, and this throws away the impurities that reside within. This process strengthens not only your mind but also your body. As your mental capacity expands, so does your physical capacity. I recommend starting small with a guided 1-2 minute meditation each day using Headspace or Insight timer.

Light Cardio on a cleanse

Think walking, jogging, slow elliptical workouts etc. Light cardio results in heavy perspiration and hence draws out the waste out of your system. You must engage in regular cardio sessions in order to keep the toxins out.

One thing to keep in mind is to be consistent.  It is also very important to stretch yourself and make things a little challenging.  Hence you must keep making cardio more and more difficult. This will not only cleanse your body but will build the stamina you desire to have. 

Rebounding on a cleanse

This is a very fun activity to fill yourself with renewed energy. This is one of the famous techniques that Tony Robbins uses to inspire himself and get rid of negative emotions. All you need to do is to get on a trampoline and jump your stamina out! The best part is that it is very effective and very enjoyable at the same time. Also, unlike other activities it does not requires any strenuous effort. It might seem very vague and generic, but this activity surely helps in the cleansing process of your body!

Dancing on a cleanse

Dancing might be considered a blend of all the activities specified above. The music draws inspiration. You might not find dance physically challenging, yet it is very effective, as far as physical exhaustion is concerned. The best part is that the only setup you need is some sort of speaker/headphone to listen to music!  There is no need to mention how enjoyable the entire process is. Research shows that dancing makes you happier. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your headphones and dance your tail off.

Now that you have some ideas on what exercises you can do to support a potential cleanse, it is time to roll up your sleeves and dive into a cleanse! Remember, your body knows best so listen to it. Do a cleanse only for the right reasons and don’t be upset if the results you see aren’t what you were hoping for. They are not for everyone.


It is very important to pay attention to your body and your thoughts. Before starting a cleanse, ask yourself WHY you are doing it. If it is to lose weight and that is your #1 reason, please reach out to me because you don’t have to do a cleanse for this. If you are looking to improve your overall health, you don’t need to a week-long cleanse or detox to kick start it. Health and nutrition might seem so confusing and as someone who lost over 65 lbs I know what it feels like to struggle.

If you want to lose weight, develop that toned look and increase your energy following a flexible macro diet and a customized fitness program with the support of an online personal trainer would be the #1 thing I recommend doing. You WILL see results like 100’s of my clients around the world who take part in the 8-week program.

Stay strong. Be the fire.



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