Fast or Slow - Metabolism

Do you have a fast or a slow metabolism? Whenever the topic of "healthy eating" comes up, the word metabolism usually appears. Most commonly, your metabolism is much more complex than you tend to think. In a recent article in MindBodyGreen, Virgin, who has spent nearly three decades studying how lifestyle and food choices affect the metabolism, describes the body as a chemistry lab, not a bank account. Maintaining a healthy weight isn't about counting calories, but it's about making lifestyle and diet choices that encourage the body to thrive. This is good news for your metabolism—meaning it's something malleable that can be reset, not something that's fixed at birth. Pretty sure you will join us in praising Virgin for this information, especially the part about not counting calories.

Below are some key indicators that you may have a slow metabolism.


Want some help fixing your slow metabolism? Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to take. Here are a few of the recommendations I have that you could implement to turn that slow metabolism into a fast metabolism!

1. Get serious about sleep!

2. Practice these habits before 8am.

3. Drink PLENTY of water.

4. Eat the right foods (my free protein e-book here will help you out)

5. Consider intermittent fasting. My clients have had some seriously great results with this! 

Stay strong. Be the fire.