Train your brain!

Training your brain can be JUST as important as training your body and often in the fitness industry this part is overlooked. Don't worry, I won't take too much brain power from you when your reading this because you're already tapped out but these small adjustments can help train your brain JUST like you would train your muscles!

1) Here fishy, fishy. 

Salmon, tuna or basa becoming regular attendees in your week can increase blood flow to your brain and make you SMARTER! Okay, so there isn't a TON of proven studies on this but the amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 that these beauties contain reduce inflammation and boosts the immune system which in my opinion, frees space in my brain to do other things! If you can't stomach eating fish, try implementing a fish oil tablet into your routine.

2) We don't need no water, let the ... yeah.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record with the number of times I tell my clients to drink water, drink water, drink water but there IS A METHOD to my madness.  Especially if you're working out, you NEED to stay hydrated. If you're interested in the "why" behind drinking water Women's Health give you some reasons here but if me telling you to DRINK WATER is enough, just do it and we will all be a little happier!

3) Catch some zzz's.

After eight beautiful hours of sleep, your brain is not just more fresh and sharp. It has WAY more learning potential and performs better than if you are sleep deprived. Recently, I filmed a video about "anchors" and sleep is in my top 3! Learn more about that here and here. 

Catching some ZZZ's in a hammock on a recent trip to Elkwood!

Catching some ZZZ's in a hammock on a recent trip to Elkwood!

4) Power couple

Combining these two things is where you can REALLY take it to the next level. Try something fresh, something new and something exciting! While the thought of Zumba terrifies me (one of the most awkward, uncoordinated humans to walk the earth) it forces the brain to work in unaccustomed ways! Combining physical AND mental exercise, double tap. 

So there are 4 really EASY things I know you can all do that with a little bit of consistency will yield amazing results. Remember, it isn't about being PERFECT. Anything is better than nothing so do what you can!

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