Perfection = Stupid!

Perfection = Stupid!

For so long, I focused on being perfect. Having the perfect body, being a perfect girlfriend, eating a perfect diet, being a perfect friend, running a perfect business and living a perfect life. Exhausting!

Thankfully, I have finally learned that I would much rather spend my time doing the things I WANT to do instead of hustlin' for perfection doing the things I think I should do.

How did I make this mental switch? How do you make this amazing change in your life?


You may know from some of my recent posts that I am all about planning, scheduling and list making. This doesn't always have to be for serious things! Make a list with some restaurants you want to try. Make a list including some activities you want to do this year. Make a list of all the places in the world you will go explore. 

My list that allowed me to finally SCREW the perfect, was filled with lovely and meaningful events that I would rather do than stress about having the perfect body, being the perfect girlfriend,  eating a perfect diet, being a perfect friend, running a perfect business and having a perfect life. So, how would YOU rather spend your time? Make a list. 

Here is what I had written down, in no particular order:

  • Laughing until I bend over, struggling to breath and maybe peeing a little.
  • Perfect the one handed push-up.
  • Watch videos of perfect one handed push-ups.
  • Teach strong women how to do one handed push-ups.
  • Hip thrusting and fist rolling (at the same time) dance routines all over the house.
  • Riding my bike Betsy with my free extra small pink butterfly helmet.
  • Snuggling with my babe Kelsi.
  • Eating donuts
  • Facetiming with my Mum & Dad in Australia, usually resulting in someone showing off their aerobic abilities for the camera.
  • Touching every avocado because I know the perfect one is waiting for me.
  • Reclining my car seat and blasting Coolio - Gangstas Paradise through the neighbourhood.
  • Frisbee because after 25 years of practice, I now know how to actually hold and throw it.
  • Daydreaming about what it would be like to be a guest judge on Chopped.
  • Camping, preferably in the middle of nowhere. Campfires and swimming must be involved.
  • Spending an entire video call pulling ugly faces with my Brother and Sister-in-law.
  • Watch Cool Runnings for the 100th time and still turn into a ball of mushy emotions at the strength and courage demonstrated by the Jamaican Bobsled Team.
  • Starting group chats with my friends asking important questions and attempting to make plans and then forgetting to reply.
  • Planning Friday evening activities knowing that anything beyond 9pm is going to require sweat pants.
  • Eating chocolate covered Ju-Jubes from Walmart.
  • Talking about chocolate covered Ju-Jubes from Walmart.
  • Sometimes sharing chocolate covered Ju-Jubes from Walmart.

Alright, you get the idea. Make a damn list! Keep it close so you can add items to it and refer to it often.

When you feel like you may be slipping into old habits of "trying to be perfect" use this list to pull your head out of the clouds and bring you back to reality. YOUR reality. YOUR bliss. 

Perfect = Stupid! Perfect is unreachable and as fake as 90% of the Instagram feeds you follow. Perfect does not exist and you should not spend one extra second of your precious time, trying to become it. You have one life, one life to live and so you better start filling it with things from your list that you WANT to do.

Need help creating a list? Need help making a mindset change? Join me, one powerful group of women on one transformation adventure starting on May 27, 2017.

Stay strong. Be the fire.