The skinny on chocolate this Easter!

If you are anything like me, chocolate this Easter is an absolute MUST. For a period of time in my life, I tried to deprive myself of my favourite treats and sweets which would result in countless hours of binge eating to feed the horrible deprivation I had put my body through. I look back now and thankfully am able to laugh at how crazy I was (trust me, it was bad. You can ready a post here from when I was going through this style of eating) but for many of us, trying to just cut out those indulgences seems easier than being tempted and having to implement some self-control! Thankfully, I am here to guide you in the right direction so you can still consume delicious chocolate this Easter and remain on track with your fitness goals.

First, let me talk about the health benefits of eating small amounts of Dark Chocolate. Chocolate comes from the bean of the cacao tree and boasts a high concentration of antioxidant compounds which can HELP prevent heart disease and protect against cancer. 

Secondly, let me talk about a few quick and easy things to look for on the label when you are determining which chocolate to buy. When you look at the ingredients and see words such as corn syrup, hydrogenated oil and artificial colours I would advise you to avoided where possible. 

Chocolate Covered Jubes - One of my favourite chocolates - First ingredient is SUGAR - Everything is okay in moderation :) !

Chocolate Covered Jubes - One of my favourite chocolates - First ingredient is SUGAR - Everything is okay in moderation :) !

SO, now that I appear to have taken the FUN out of Easter, let me share with you some of my FAVOURITE chocolate which I consume regularly.

1 - Alter Eco - Ingredients: Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans

2 - Zazu Bean - Ingredients (cheeky flavour): Cocoa mass, cane sugar, toffee (cane sugar + whole milk powder), cocoa butter, bananas, sea salt, maca, vanilla

3- Giddyyoyo - Ingredients (raspberry flabour): Love & Gratitude, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Paste, Raw Unrefined Cane Juice Crystals, Raw Arriba Nacional Cacao Butter, Raspberry, Coconut Oil, Vanilla Beans, Mountain Salt.

I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend spending time with those you love and after reading this article you are confident you can consume chocolate and not have the worry and guilt to follow! When in doubt, remember a true dark chocolate will never have sugar listed first in the ingredients. Try for 100% organic, fair trade and >70% cocoa.

Stay Strong. Happy Easter. Be the fire.