Put the pink dumbbells down!

Ladies! One of the most common questions I am asking is "How do I get toned shoulders/arms". While there are a number of ways to achieve this, my programs focus on achieving this goal without spending hours in the gym! The definitions is hard to develop, don't get me wrong but you have to lift heavy. Afraid of bulking up like a man? Don't be. Read why in my article Girls that lift.

Developing your shoulders will not only make your whole body look more balanced but it will make all of your existing and new clothes fit even better than they do now! Your waist line will appear smaller and you will absolutely rock that new bikini this summer!

Shoulders is one of my favourite days to train and one of my FAVOURITE workouts is here for all of you to try. View it here.

An important note prior to crushing this workout is to make sure you get a good warm-up and stretch in. I was so guilty of seeing this as "wasted time" but it is so important to perform in your workout and for the development you are working on to achieve. I put together a quick stretching video for you here to get you started! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel while you are over there.

What did you think of this shoulder workout? If you are feeling like you want more, try combining it with my back blasting workout.

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Stay strong.

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