8 Body Weight Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Body weight exercises are so underrated and often forgotten! You don't NEED all the fancy gear and equipment to complete and effective workout. You can even easily complete a body weight workout in the morning with any of these 12 healthy morning habits and watch how amazingly the rest of your day plays out!

Exercises that use your own body as resistance are a fantastic way to strengthen your muscles and are very effective for those everyday functional moves we make such as lifting boxes, carrying groceries and getting in and out of our cars or beds. 

Here are some body weight exercises that you can complete at anytime, anywhere! My recommendation would be completing this workout 3-4 times per week. To see and feel results, continue for approximately 6 weeks.

Body weight exercises - Dunnebells.png

Phew, you did it! Now I bet you feel incredible. After a body weight exercise, I love to grab some of these Vegan avocado chocolate balls on my way out the door, they are great fuel before or after a workout. 

Stay strong. Be the fire.

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