Oh nuts, the benefits!

NUTS! What are the benefits? Today, I will be focusing on one of my new favourites. Brazil nuts. I have included a picture below because sometimes it can be difficult to know the difference.

Brazil nut - Dunnebells.jpg

Brazil nuts have a creamy texture and they are tasty on their own or crushed on top of your favourite dish for some added crunch and health benefits! What are some of the benefits? I thought you would never ask!


Brazil nuts have a super high amount of selenium which makes up the tissue in our thyroid gland. Selenium helps create and use your thyroid hormones. This nut can be a great natural remedy to keep the thyroid healthy!


It has been found that when you have a selenium deficiency, there is an increase in your chances of getting liver cancer. Since we all hate the "F" word, just eat some nuts!


The amount of fiber contained in a Brazil nut can help if you are wanting to lower your cholesterol. High cholesterol is associated with heart disease and other heart problems. Just one more reason to enjoy some Brazil nuts. 


These nuts can improve your mood and prevent anxiety and depression. Tons of studies have been done and it has been determined that those with lower selenium in their diet report more cases of anxiety and depression.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. One Brazil nut per day is able to improve anti-inflammatory and antioxidant responses in the body. Try eating one nut a day for three months and see if you notice a difference. 

Let me know in the comments below your favourite way to eat Brazil nuts. Raw? Blanched? Roasted? I cannot wait to hear.

Stay strong. Be the fire.