Killer Leg Day || HIIT Workout

I decided last week that it would be a good idea to mix up my leg day workout. I had a busy week and had missed my weekly HIIT workout so naturally I thought I will combine the two! Nothing ventured, nothing gained right?

So what is a HIIT workout exactly? Basically, high intensity work followed by rest, repeated for the duration of the workout. When you are in your high intensity zone, you should be PUSHING yourself to the max. 

Combine the HIIT style workout with leg day, one of my favourite heavy days to really get it at the gym and you have yourself a burning ball of painful heaven... does that exist? I know you are all lining up to try it so here is what you need to do! 

Set a timer - I use the interval setting on my phone to track the work and rest periods. Warning: be prepared to feel like you are all over the place from working hard, to tapping the timer, to resting, working, tapping, it gets messy sometimes, you will find a rhythm don't worry!

Get set up - Get your equipment ready and ensure you have enough space. I performed this between the janitors closet and the emergency exit doorway at the gym, no excuses. Find space and get ready to work.

Give it your all - I think my favourite thing about HIIT workouts is that I know the pain is going to end. If I can just suck it up for a few more seconds, I get to rest! The best pre-workout also helps me explode for the short bursts required during a HIIT workout.

HERE IT IS, the workout! I didn't say it would be easy but I promise you, it will be worth it.

You will need:

Skipping rope - Dumbbells, heavy ones!


50 seconds skipping - INTENSE

10 second rest

50 seconds walking lunges, dumbbells in each hand

10 second rest

50 second dumbbell side to side squat

10 second rest

Repeat 10-15 times

What is a side to side squat? Perform a basic squat with dumbbell held in front, on the way up perform a side-step. Step to the right 3 times and then to the left 3 times for the full 50 seconds. 

Now that you are done, ensure you follow up your training with the correct nutrition to really maximize results. You will need it after completing this!

Want to perform a HIIT workout but it isn't leg day? Click here for another alternative on the treadmill! 

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Do you do HIIT workouts? What is your favourite combination?

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