You lift like a girl !

Damn right I lift like a girl ! That isn't a bad thing, trust me. Lately I have heard from many of my girls that they are scared to enter the weights section at the gym (noooooo). I won't go into specific details about what terrifying thoughts race through their mind as they watch grunting, sweaty men lift iron but what I can dive into detail about will hopefully get you one step closer to that weight section, which will unlock a whole new world for you and your fitness journey.

I had to mention the sweaty grunting men because obviously those are the only people allowed in the weight room right? WRONG! You wouldn't believe how many times those men stop their reps to take a selfie in the mirror, hold the bar a certain way to watch their veins pop or text their buddies just so everyone knows they are "working out". My point is don't let these guys scare you! Don't you dare let these guys, who are working half as hard as you will be intimidate you. Walk straight past them and get ready to hustle! 

Now that we have that straight, let's talk workouts. You have built up the courage to enter the weight section but now what the hell do you do with all this equipment? Easy! Try it. Pick something up. Pull something down. Watch someone else. Take note of an interesting machine and google it when you get home. Send me a photo of it and I will tell you how to use it ! No more excuses. Start with very light weights and get your technique to a point that feels right (and looks right, use the mirrors) and then increase your weight later! If you want to try one of my simple workouts, click here. 

Okay, so now you have tried a few machines, feeling pretty badass but still your not sure your doing it right? Or maybe you know you are doing it right but how do you get the most from your weight workouts? This is where weight amount and reps comes into play. A general rule I like to follow is "moderate" weight and between 12-20 reps. On rep number 7-8 it should start to become difficult but should never feel impossible! This takes time to learn what works for you so be patient. 

This should get you started, stick with it and you will see results within a few weeks!

Still not sure you will be able to overcome your fear? Send me an email explaining what you are most afraid of. 

Stay strong. Be the fire.