Leg Training: The best leg workouts to help build muscle

Want to make the most of leg day with workouts that will build muscle fast?!

Leg day has a pretty bad rep and I definitely used to be one of the haters. I would occasionally skip leg day if I was feeling slightly tired because it just takes so much out of you! Since making a few changes to my routine about 10 weeks ago, I can now save the "skipping" for after leg day (kidding, there will be no skipping).

Warm up with about 12 minutes on the bike to get those muscles ready! 

Squats 4 reps of 12 - HEAVY

Leg extension 4 reps x 12

Hamstring Curl 4 reps x 12

Sumo squat with dumbbell 3 reps x 12

Leg Press 3 reps x 10

Jump Squats 3 reps x 15 

Seated calf raise 3 reps x 10

Rest about 45 seconds-1 minute between each rep.

Rest about 1-2 minutes between each new machine/exercise.

Legs should be burning and you should NOT be skipping out of the gym. If you are, message me to find out what you may need to change.

Tried this killer workout? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below! 


Keep your feet straight and never point majorly out or in. This will put a lot of strain on your poor knees! Place a tension band around your knees if this helps your technique! 

Never skip hamstrings! Out of sight out of mind will get you in trouble here. The hamstrings are a weaker muscle and although they may get some work during squats etc. you still need to isolate them with workouts such as hamstring curls.

Stay strong. Be the fire.