Mint Chocolate Cake Protein Pudding

This Mint Chocolate Cake Protein Pudding is the answer to your prayers! #IAMGOD -  To increase your protein intake can sometimes seem difficult but with this sweet treat you will wonder what you ever did without it in your life!

If you have come from my Instagram account (@dunnebells_) you may have seen that this pudding was the inspiration behind running a giveaway! I wanted to share the love and not only provide you guys with the recipe but provide ONE lucky winner with some of the goodies that contribute to this game changer.

Prep time: 2 minutes

Cook time: 0 (I KNOW RIGHT?)

Total time: 2 minutes


1 Cup greek yoghurt

2 Scoops chocolate protein (I use Optimum Nutrition and it mixes perfectly!)

4 tbsp liquid sweetener

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 Chocolate Coated Mint Squarebar (20% off discount code "dunnebells")

1 tbsp of premium ground chia seeds

Toppings: Half of the remaining square bar and ANYTHING else you desire (nuts, seeds, peanut butter and fruit would be my suggestions)


1. Crush half of the square bar into a bowl. Mix all other ingredients in and form a smooth batter with chunks from the bar.

2. Crumble remainder of square bar on top and add any additional toppings.

TIP: This can be stored in the freezer. I prefer to freeze it and eat a little bit each day!

Congratulations to @chips.getsrippedbbg for winning the Instagram Giveaway. Your goodies are en route :) !

Stay strong. Be the fire.