Ignore the Alpha Haters!

Ladies ! Ignore the haters!! We probably all know a handful of these Alpha Haters. You know, the ones who will sit there and say "You're just obsessed" or "I like having a social life". Makes me laugh every single time I hear something along those lines. Usually, I come to find those people spend more time than we do on a treadmill and they are just slightly jealous their progress isn't anywhere near as quick as ours is ! #amiright? (See how to make the move from treadmill to weights here) 

Sure, I can accept the fact that hitting the gym almost every day isn't as obtainable as it is for others. Instead of that being turned into hate though, reach out for help! Anyone who has EVER asked me for advice has received nothing but support. I have developed workouts that can be done WHILE cooking dinner for 4 crazy kids and all of a sudden the excuses and hate turn to praise. That is my wish, that the potential haters take a moment of feeling uncomfortable and reach out to the people who they are secretly jealous of. 

But, when you have tried to offer advice, tried to remind yourself that not all were created equal and you have tried SO hard to understand why people can't just let you do your thing and none of that seems to work? What is left? Simply ignore it.

Here are some quick tips that run through my head whenever I experience any hate.

- Insulting comments say a lot about the person throwing the punches. They say nothing about us taking the blow.

- Strong people like us Alphas, don't need to continuously prove how tough they are. It speaks volumes about how weak the person hating on you is with their need to put you down.

- You can laugh a little in your head at the fact that they are SO worried about what you are doing they feel the need to put you down and walk away taking it as a compliment they care so much about what you do with your time and body.

- "There is no greater revenge, than massive success"

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Once you see haters for what they really are and remind yourself of a few of these things, you will ALMOST start to welcome the hate. You can let it be your fuel to push harder. To smash that extra rep and add that extra weight.

The end goal of a hater, is to stop you from reaching your goal. Little do they know, they could be giving you the fuel you need for your fire. 

What should be your main takeaways from this?

Keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing.

People usually speak with hate when they are jealous of what you have.

Welcome the hate, let it be your fuel.

What is your favourite way of dealing with haters? Leave a comment below to help out the other people who are maybe facing the same issues of hate! 

Stay strong. Be the fire.