Meal prep for a camping trip!

Meal prep for a camping trip doesn't have to be a daunting task! Your bags are packed, car is loaded up and you are all set to set off on an action packed camping adventure ! Of course, you need snacks for the road so here is what I make sure I pack with me for ANY distance I am travelling.

You arrive at your beautiful site and everyone cracks open their beverages, starts a fire and before you know it hot dogs and s'mores are roasting away! While this is definitely an important part of any camping trip, you don't have to throw away all your hard work. Here are some easy to prepare meals to take camping and lets face it, anything cooked over the campfire tastes better so you will enjoy these meals even more!

1 - Camp style Paella

2 - Fire roasted veggies

3 - Make before lentil chili

These three tasty meals can be enjoyed all weekend and are a great way to stay on track with your fitness goals when following any fitness program! Don't forget that life is about balance and if you are feeling like a s'more or a smokie, go for it but there is no need to consume copious amounts resulting in regret once the weekend is over. I am not perfect and you are looking at the Queen of letting all her goals and dreams fly out the window on the weekends so here is an article I wrote diving into more details about how to live a balanced life after counting calories, macros or points.

Tip: For healthier s'more alternative, use these bad boys! So delicious. 

Stay strong. Be the fire.