Exhausted, Anti-social and a TON of Laundry?

New to the gym game and you are feeling exhausted? Are you feeling anti-social from all the plans you missed out on this week? To top it all off, you have a terrifying overflowing laundry basket packed with clothes stuck together by sweat? YASSS! You are doing it right.

These are 3 boxes that should be ticked if you are being a beast in the gym and with summer just around the corner, I promise you it is all going to be worth it.

However, how long can you sustain this? I see so many people go so hard in the first few weeks and even their incredible gains aren't enough to keep them inspired through the tough times and they end up spiraling out of control back into their bad habits and old unhealthy ways.

I am here to the rescue after many tried and tested methods to conquer the 3 downsides of working out hard that nobody wants to talk about.

Finding your soul mate can also help with the below 3 things!! I am so lucky.

Finding your soul mate can also help with the below 3 things!! I am so lucky.


I feel FANTASTIC after my workout is done, but this wasn't always the case. I used to think that working out on an empty stomach was the BEST way to maximize my results and there may be some truth to this, however I was finding that my recovery after each session was a much longer process and this was hindering my results. So, what were the 2 things that I did that have completely changed my energy levels?

1. Pre-workout snack. For exercise under an hour eat something like a bagel or a piece of toast (quick energy burst). For exercise over an hour, look to a banana or another form of slow digesting carbohydrate. 

2. BCAAS - A powder that I mix with water for muscle endurance and RECOVERY. Use "DUNNEBELLS17" at the register and save some $$$.


This may be harder to train yourself on than ANY machine you face at the gym. Finding a balance between: Spending time with your significant other, maintaining all your relationships with friends, getting your workout in, Taco Tuesday, Wing night, Thirsty Thursday, TGIF... Like, how the HELL do you even handle all these temptations when you are trying to stay strong mentally and physically.


These 3 are absolutely key if you even stand a chance. Balance meaning, work hard and play hard. You can absolutely have fun but make sure it isn't all fun and no work and vice versa.

Plan meaning, don't necessarily always say "YES" to the text that comes in at 5pm "PATIO DRINKS TONIGHT LADIES? I HAVE GOSS". Take a moment and think about it, your gym bag is already packed and you were excited all day to have a sweat session. Plan your catch ups with your friends so that you can ALSO plan the workouts.

Commit meaning, once you have found your balance and made your plan (above) stick to the things you say you will do. Both socially, and in the gym. 


Sorry, I had to obviously point out that this is one of the biggest struggles we gym beasts face and I actually don't have any miracle solutions for you here. Buy more clothes or find yourself an AMAZING partner who will wash the gear for you. I am lucky enough that my beautiful girlfriend Kelsi knows the Lulu sports bra padding needs to be removed from the bras and that certain things CANNOT go in the dryer. 

Hopefully you are now ready to crush 3 big barriers that get in your way of a happy, healthier you! I would love to hear how you deal with these struggles. Comment below.

Stay Strong. Be the fire.