Road trip fuel for YOU not your car!

Putting fuel in your car is important for ANY road trip, but equally important is ensuring your snack game is strong regardless if you are going 200km or 2,000kms! 

There is nothing quite like cruising down the highway, windows down, music cranking with your best friends singing along to your favourite summer songs. The only thing that can make this combination better, is snacks of course!

For me, if I hit the road without a selection of munchables, I am most likely making some terrible choices at the first pit stop we make (think chips, chocolate, candy ALL in my mouth at once). 

I cannot take that chance because not only will the regret kill me, my stomach will most likely be in excruciating pain for the rest of the ride and weekend! NO FUN! It takes a few minutes to throw together a bag of healthy, travel-friendly snacks. 

Fuel your body with what it wants and needs, your taste buds and stomach will thank you!

7 Healthy Snacks to grab and go:

1. Guilt free hot cross buns

2. Lenny & Larry's - The Complete Cookie

3 - GORP BARS - They are one of the ONLY companies who use "extra mile ingredients" instead of the cheap alternatives. Use code "dunnebells10" for 10% off at the checkout.

4. Apple slices dipped in Wild Friends Peanut Butter

5. Jillz gluten free crackers with individual packet of hummus

6. Big Chief Meat Snacks

7. Quest Bar

These are my FAVOURITE suggestions and they are guaranteed to keep you feeling full for longer so you can enjoy the ride instead of focusing on your grumbling tummy or worrying about when your next healthy meal is going to be. 

What are your favourite snacks for a Road Trip? I would love to hear. Comment below.

Stay strong. Be the fire.