Girls just want to have fun..and protein

Girls, they just want to have fun but who said they shouldn't consume protein the way the "guys" do? The last few weeks have been filled with Tupperware containers packed with broccoli, brown rice, and chicken right? How frustrating though when you are hustling hard in the gym and you feel like you are staying on track with your meal plan and STILL the results are not coming. Maybe, just maybe, an increase to your protein intake could be the secret! 

Your body definitely needs carbs and HEALTHY fats for energy but protein is essential for tissue growth and repair. If you are being a beast in the gym but you are not fueling your body with enough protein, this can actually hinder your body's ability to recover and experience GAINS. 

So why IS protein so important?

You may have heard the term "Building blocks" of muscle tissue when people talk about protein and that is exactly what it is. Every time you smash out a session in the gym, you are breaking your muscle tissue down. With the proper protein intake, amino acids come to save your broken down tissue and repair the tissue so it can grow back even stronger.

That is the big WHY around the importance of protein intake but it also provides many other key benefits to ensure you are looking as strong as you feel. 

Protein helps burn calories

Every time you eat, your body uses up energy (calories) to break down that food and absorb the nutrients. This boosts your metabolism. When you consume fat or carbs, approximately 5-15% of those calories go toward the digestion process.

When it comes to PROTEIN, you are looking at around 20-30%.

HUH? Basically, your stomach is working harder when you consume protein which takes more energy which burns more calories.

Protein stabilizes your energy levels and appetite

Are you constantly feeling hungry during your day? This could be because you are not consuming enough protein in every meal. Protein takes longer to break down and digest once consumed then carbohydrates.

This slow digesting goodness will help you stay full longer. 

Protein protects you against muscle loss

You could be finding on your meal plan that you are consuming less calories and that carbs and fats are becoming slightly scarce compared to what you are used to. This is where the body will turn to protein for your energy. 

If you do not have ENOUGH protein, your body will attack the muscle tissue to get what it needs. This could not only mean you see a loss in muscle but your resting metabolism rate could slow. Scary stuff!

Protein boosts your immune system

You probably didn't see this one coming! If you add whey protein to your diet that contains glutathione, you are supplying your body with an extremely important molecule that you need to stay healthy and prevent disease. 

You should now really have a grasp of how important protein is to achieving your fitness goals and I hope that you are not scared to possibly up the intake ! 

Stay tuned for for my upcoming post busting the myths and false rumors floating around on women consuming protein. While you patiently wait for that, see my post on Girls that lift to prepare yourself to combine lifting and protein for maximum results! BOOM!

Stay strong. Be the fire.