6 Steps for a healthier long weekend

With the long weekend upon us, here are 6 steps to get you on the right track for a healthier time. The thought of making it to the gym or eating healthy may seem extremely unappealing. Not only that but maybe you are taking off on a camping trip, going to visit family or socializing making the motivation to stay on track with your goals all but disappear. 

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Here are some super easy tips to help you enjoy the long weekend just as much while being healthy!

1. If you are traveling this weekend, do your research. Before you zip up that suitcase and bolt out the door, turn to google for some help. Familiarize yourself with the area you are traveling to. Research popular local eateries and locate your nearest grocery store. 

2. Prepare ahead of time and pack some healthy snacks (granola bars, tuna, nuts, protein powder, rice cakes, black bean brownies) instead of being faced with the $10.99 greasy airport/gas station food! #gross

3. Sharing = caring. Except on cheat day. Seriously, though, consider sharing the enormous restaurant portion that you receive. Alternatively, order a few starters and share them, not only will you eat a portion your body is used to but you get to try more of a variety of foods! 

Go for a walk - get outside!

Go for a walk - get outside!

4. Make it count. When you indulge, really savor that moment. Instead of inhaling a bucket of ice cream to yourself, wait until your out with friends to enjoy those sweet treats. Nobody ever said you cannot eat the foods you are craving, there is no need to binge eat, you should eat the snacks just make them WORTH it. 

5. Get outside. Whether you are traveling or staying in for the long weekend, chances are you have an opportunity to get outside and get active. Go for a walk. Get out for a run. Instead of driving to the store, cycle! Anything. If you are going away, getting outside and being active is the BEST way to explore your environment. 

6. Plan. Plan. Plan. I am a huge believer in scheduling everything if you want it to actually happen. That doesn't change when it comes to a workout. Look at your plans for the weekend and figure out where you can squeeze in a quick run or travel workout. It may require you to get up and hustle earlier than you wanted but you can then enjoy the rest of your day knowing you crushed your morning workout! 

Lift your people up! Stop at those random side of the road attractions. Have fun!

Lift your people up! Stop at those random side of the road attractions. Have fun!

What are your tips and tricks for staying on track over a long weekend? Share them in the comments below.

Stay strong. Be the fire. Dunnebells.

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