Post Binge Eat

Well, it is Monday - post weekend binge eat so naturally this post is going to be written by me hiding behind some big sunglasses wearing a baggy hoodie attempting to hide my bloated gut filled with chocolate, chips and candy from the weekend. Sound familiar? You did so well all week and Friday night was as if you were released from food prison for 48 hours and you MUST consume everything in site before returning to prison come Monday? I will be honest. It sucks. What a crappy feeling after it happens but there are ways to turn it around from here! Read on.

The most important thing to understand is that we did not develop these bad habits in one day, so we will never break them in one day. I know that as humans living in a world of convenience, we want results immediately and that can be frustrating. Give it time to change the habits and just like your fitness journey, changes will occur. For me, I used to sit here every single Monday morning very upset with myself for what I ate on the weekend, PROMISING that it wouldn't happen ever again. I am working on it, I haven't perfected it yet but the Monday morning regrets have been fewer and further between. Keep trying!  

Mix up your mentality from trying to get "Skinny" to trying to get "Strong" ! This is a huge one.

I used to think that I had to spend hours on the treadmill to burn off all the calories I ate, however, this is definitely not the case! You do not have to punish yourself, instead focus on improving yourself. Some of my best results (and heaviest lifts) have been that Monday workout when I focus on my performance. I will leave the gym tonight feeling inspired, strong and ready to take on my week and that is how you need to start thinking mentally. 

The biggest takeaway from this should be to leave the regret behind. You have eaten it. You can't go back now. The ONLY option you have is to focus on the future. So with that said, get right back on track with your regular meal plan, drink plenty of water and put a smile on that dial ! Don't let this consume you or control you. That is more damaging than the actual consumption of the food. Leave the regret and guilt behind and move on! 

Stay strong. Be the fire.