Does microwaving vegetables strip away the nutrients?

Don't let your microwave be an expensive popcorn popper! I am here to settle once and for all the debate around the Microwave killing the nutrients contained in vegetables. Read on for more :) ! 

I will be the first to admit that cooking my vegetables in the microwave is a very new venture for me. What I quickly discovered was that my go-to method "boiling" is one of the quickest ways to reduce the nutrient content of the vegetables because of the water bubbling away it strips the vegetables of those nutrients. OOPS! 

So, I did my research and now the microwave is my bestie! Not only do they speed up any meal preparation, the way I cook the vegetables in the  microwave is with MUCH less water than most methods out there which is the culprit for destroying the nutritional value in vegetables.  

"Microwaves cause cancer". No. Just no. There is no solid evidence of this. #mythbusted

"Microwave oven produces radiation". Yes, this is true however microwaves manufactured by large companies today do not radiate or leak ANY harmful wave outside to cause any danger to humans. What you need to be careful of here is the container being used.

Make sure you start with high-quality whole foods (fresh or frozen) and use microwave-safe containers (glass or ceramic).

Summary: Don't fear the microwave! Understand the limitations but also understand the benefits of cooking your food in this wonderful device. When you use it correctly, microwaves offer a convenient safe method of food prep without ANY safety or nutrition concerns. 

Stay strong. Be the fire.


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