Melt the fat using the treadmill

You won't catch me spending an extra second on the treadmill that isn't necessary. From the moment I step on that bad boy, I am there to work. No reading books, no talking on the phone and for gods sake get off Facebok. At least for these 27 blubber burning minutes. This workout can keep you torching calories long after you leave the gym so give it a go and watch the body fat melt away. 

A quick description of the terminology to maximize results.

Low: 5.5  speed (You should feel like you can hold a conversation)

Hustle: 6.5 speed (You should be breathing heavier and find this challenging)

Fire: 8.5 speed (Oh my god, empty the tank)

Now, the workout itself!

Save it, screenshot it, write it on your arm it doesn't matter just make sure you have it ready for the second you step on to that machine.

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Stay Strong. Be the fire.