Motivational Monday

Okay, so the weekend happened. You consumed 1,000,000 calories, didn't exercise, drank like a fish and now you are sitting at work with heavy regret weighing over you. STOP! Right now.

What is in the past, is in the past. You cannot change anything about what just happened, but good for you that you have realized you deviated from your fitness plan. That is step 1.

Step 2? Get right back on it ! Start your Monday morning with a nutritious breakfast, a hot cup of coffee and a quick look in the mirror to tell yourself "I f*cking got this!". 

One of the best things to remind yourself of at this time is that you are a human. You are not a robot. This is something I have, and continue, to struggle with. The balance between going out and having fun with my friends while staying on track with my fitness goals. Whenever I feel slight food guilt (or equivalent) a friendly reminder to myself that I am human, life is too damn short to not have some fun and live a little is all it usually takes for me to bring it back to a positive space. 

A take away from how you feel right now? Remember it. Remember that when 5pm Friday hits this week, you will do your best to not throw every inch of self-control out the window, you will do your best to remember your why which should assist in carrying that strong motivation you have had all week, right through into the temptations the weekend holds. 

At the end of the day, you had a fun weekend, you have the chance to now get back on track and what better motivation to your Monday workout to sweat out all those toxins you put in your body! 

Stay strong. Be the fire.