Meet your coach.

Welcome to my world. Yes, I know, another online personal trainer who wants to help you lose weight!

Weight! (couldn't help it) I'm different.. I swear!

Little about me:

✖️Lucy Dunne

✖️Certified Personal Trainer & Holistic Nutrition Coach

✖️  Lost 65lbs (and kept it off!)

✖️Became an online personal trainer to help others transform

✖️Recovered binge eater who still loves to eat

✖️Community minded - all fitness program purchases include a donation to your charity of choice! 

✖️Empowering women


Lucy before-after.jpg

I was sick and tired of counting calories, cutting my favourite foods out and following fads and allowing them to control my life.   

 You won't find any filters here. What you will find is the raw truth. The ups and the downs. The REAL stuff. From someone who has lost the weight, and kept it off.

All online personal training programs are customized to ensure that you not only reach, but exceed your goals.

Join me lifting some weights. Join me living a balanced, flexible lifestyle. Join me for Sunday brunch and afternoon peanut butter snacks. Join me, and see results.