Meet Lucy

This is me, Lucy Dunne, a 27 year old Aussie living in Canada. A free spirit who spent years partying hard and travelling the world, not knowing what the next day held, to a creature of habit, empowered by self love not deprivation.

Are you the woman who is on a mission to change your life? Join me.

Have you tried any of the following "diets" and have experienced frustration/lack of results? 

"Clean eating" "Paleo" "Whole30" "Gluten free" "Carb Cycling" "Keto" "Bing eating" "Juice Cleanse" "Mediterranean" "Low Cal" 

You are not alone. I come from a place where I have tried and tested all of these. 

Lucy before-after.jpg

The journey and struggle that goes along with these "diets" too - been there!

I was sick and tired of counting calories, cutting my favourite foods out and following fads and allowing them to control my life.   

 You won't find any filters here. What you will find is the raw truth. The ups and the downs. The REAL stuff.

Join me lifting some weights. Join me living a balanced, flexible lifestyle. Join me for Sunday brunch and afternoon peanut butter snacks. Join me in looking like a babe while we do it. Join me, and see results. Apply now.