+ What does this program include?

LOTS! Daily workouts, personalized macronutrient breakdown, sample meal plans, sample grocery lists, 24/7 access to me and MUCH more.

+ What type of fitness plan is this?

This is a fully loaded plan that is designed to change your life. This plan will include strength training, cardio training and lifestyle training. You will learn, you will see results and you will set yourself up for success long after you crush this program.

+ Will I get bulky?

No. Your body's hormonal makeup will not allow this to happen.

+ I work/travel a lot, can I still do this?

You bet you can! Work and travel are part of life, so it only makes sense this plan is designed to fit into your lifestyle.

+ I lack motivation, should I consider this plan?

If you lack motivation, this is probably the ONLY fitness plan you should consider. Not only will you have access to me 24/7, I regularly check in and hold you accountable so that on the days you have ZERO motivation, I got you.

+ Online..how does that work?

The beauty of everything being online means you can be anywhere at anytime and have access to your plan! You will receive all the instructions on how to access everything that you need once you sign up.

+ Do I need a gym membership?

Yes. All workouts are designed to burn fat and build lean muscle using machines found in a gym. The workouts are intense, but short. Do not expect to be chained to the treadmill for an hour! Nobody likes that. Any fear of machines/equipment will be eliminated for you through this plan.

+ I have allergies or am a picky eater, will I survive on this plan?

Of course you will! I do not believe in telling you exactly WHAT to eat because then when the plan ends, you are left to fend for yourself. Through this plan you will discover you can enjoy all of the foods you love and none of the foods you hate.

+ I am a vegetarian/vegan, will I still see results ?

Of course! The beauty of my plan is that you can eat to fit your lifestyle! This is not a quick fix or a "fad' diet. I do offer some sample meal plans and approved food lists etc. but the wonderful thing is through my coaching and support you will learn how to eat to hit your goals no matter WHAT lifestyle you are about.

+ Do you accept females out of the Country into this plan?

Come one, come all. With access 24/7 online, you do not have to be in the same Country as me.

+ How is my privacy kept secure?

We got your back don't worry! To be 100% certain you can read about this on both our terms & conditions and privacy policy page.