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Here are some expert tips on how to find the perfect sports bra so you can provide the girls the support they need.

Unsupported, the average A cup travels about an inch and a half in each direction, and a D cup bounces two to three inches. This can not only be uncomfortable, but can cause long term damage to the delicate breast tissue.

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1. How does a sports bra that fits properly (or does not fit
properly) affect athletic performance?

When a sports bra fits you properly you would be surprised at what this can do for your workout and your performance! If your sports bra is too small, this will cause you discomfort and could lead to an injury over time. If your sports bra is too big, you may as well not even be wearing a sports bra because the support will not be there for you. If you are wearing the wrong size sports bra you can be consumed by neck pain, shoulder pain and/or back pain which will mean you can't properly focus on your workout and get the true benefits from the work you are putting in!

2. What are some signs that a sports bra fits properly? What can you do in a
dressing room to figure out if you are trying on the right sports bra? 

You can look for these typical signs when trying to determine if your sports bra fits properly. Your sports bra should not cause you any discomfort or change your posture.

Some things that you can do in the dressing room to figure out if this is the right bra for you are: Lift your arms above your head to see if the bra bottom band lifts up or moves. With your arms by your side, look for skin spilling out of the cups, this may indicate you need a bigger cup size or a different style of sports bra. Bend over and ensure that you feel secure and that no extra tension occurs on your back or shoulders. 

3. Are there differences that a female athlete should be aware of between shopping for a sports bra and a regular everyday bra? 

When you are shopping for a sports bra there are a few things to consider that you don't necessarily need to worry about when you shop for a regular everyday bra. The tissue in your breasts is fragile and needs support when you are exercising. Over time, if you are exercising and you do not have the support required you can cause long term damage. When you are looking for an everyday bra, you most likely don't need as much support because you will not be performing the same movements where your body requires the support like it does when you exercise. Remember to have a few sports bras as they need to be washed regularly and the shelf life on a good quality sports bra if worn regularly should be approx. 6 months - 1 year.

4. Beyond fit, what other factors (technical fabric, style, etc.) are important to consider when buying a sports bra and why? 

Of course the fit of your sports bra is important but what about the fabric? The sports bra fabric should be something that is breathable and the style that you choose should feel comfortable and never chafe your skin. Aim for styles that will work with your current workout gear and don't be afraid to show off your sports bra a little bit. It can be part of your outfit and when you get the right fit, style and material all together you will know why the right sports bra is so important.

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