JUST THE TIP TUESDAY: 6 Ways To Easily Eat More Nutrients

We all want to eat nutrient-rich food but it becomes difficult when we have to take time for it, especially out of a busy daily routine. The easier we make it for ourselves, the more likely we consume nutrient-rich foods

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Hence, here are a few tips that can help us in eating more nutritional food:

1. Make Them Convenient

When you eat food that is healthy, as well as convenient to prepare, you’re likely to eat it often. If you get in the habit of having some chopped vegetables around and don’t have to work too hard on preparing them, you are likely to eat them more. Hence, purchase more of the stuff that is easier to cook and consume!

2. Eat them to Start Your Day

When you start your day with nutrient-rich food, you are likely to feel a lot healthy all day long. Also, eating in the morning is always easier than taking time out while working or being busy with other chores. Set yourself up for success and pack your nutrients into your morning.

3. Eat Them First During a Meal

Nutrients are a lot better when eaten first in the meal. It is even better to eat them first thing in the morning.  At this stage, you probably think you think a lot more about eating foods than about digesting them. But that's an oversight that can affect your overall nutrition and health, according to nutritionist Ashley Koff, R.D.N. Your diet may be full of berries, spinach, quinoa, and salmon, Koff says, but unless your body is efficiently breaking down and effectively absorbing those foods, you're not getting their full benefits. Consider making a morning smoothie and allow the benefits of the raw fruit and vegetables to be absorbed. 

4. Make Them Your Snacks

Snacks are something we can eat on the way. Hence, when you eat nutrient-rich foods as your snacks, you can eat while being on your way to work or while watching TV. When you make some healthy snack switches like a bag of potato chips for home-made vegetable chips it becomes easier to sneak in those extra nutrients.

5. Don't Fear Frozen

The reason why it is recommended to eat frozen food is that they are easy to eat. You don’t have to worry about chopping to washing them. Hence, they make your diet easier. However, always eating frozen food isn’t recommended. Here are some frozen foods that you can consider:

Frozen salmon burgers

Frozen peas

Frozen avocado cubes

Frozen honey balsamic chicken

6. Add Flavor & Spice

Diet food doesn’t mean you have to eat boring and plain food all the time. If you love spicy and flavoured food, you can enjoy it in your nutrient-rich food. If you are making a vegetable broth you can add some black pepper to add flavour to. Take a look at these low-calorie condiments to add taste to your food.

The overall idea is that you have to make things easy for yourself. The easier you make it, the more likely you are to have it. Small things can make nutrient-rich food quicker and easier for you.

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