“There is no way that I could share these incredible photos with the world and not tell you more about the incredible lady behind the camera.

Here she is. Katie. Kathryn Daisy Lynn. K-dog. Nurse. Sweetest human in the world. Which ever name she goes by (and there are many more).

Katie - Fitness shoot.jpg

Here are just a few things that over the years, she has taught me.

- Never take yourself too seriously.

- Laughter truly is the best medicine.

- Road trips are more fun when you ONLY take left turns.

- Anything sounds magical with a campfire and an acoustic guitar.

- No matter what, always stay true to yourself.

- Be kind to everyone you meet.

- Brunch is a very important meal of the day.

- Bulls will charge at you even if you are not wearing red.

- You either have photography skills, or you don't.

- Family does not mean you share a surname.

- Never give up on what lights your fire.

Words cannot really describe the bond that we share. You have to see it and if you hang around us for more than five minutes you will most likely feel it. From day one, I knew this girl would become one of my good friends. What I didn't know is that she would challenge me when I needed it most. Comfort me when I was not myself. Love me at my lowest and soar with me at my highest. THIS, in my opinion is what true friendship looks like. I consider myself rich to know Katie and anyone who knows her would say the exact same thing.

Here we are. Being us. Doing what we love. Chasing our dreams. Being the fire.

Thank you Katie. For capturing yet again, incredible images. More importantly, thank you, for being you.”

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