The life of a teacher is misunderstood.

Sure the hours appear great. And summers off are nice. What nobody sees is the large amount of time it takes to prepare, teach, grade and then do it all over again. Parents these days make for plenty of stressful interactions and with so many early mornings, late nights and very little time in between it is no wonder teachers have a perfect storm of becoming "unhealthy".  

(I can hear the heads nodding.)

I know this because I nearly became a teacher.  Many of my friends have chosen the education route. 

After years of being asked the same questions and seeing the same problems pop up in education, I decided help was needed.

Why Teachers Struggle with Fitness

It is important for me to understand why teachers struggled with their health when most set such a positive example inside the classroom. Many of my clients inside the 8-week program have been teachers and it became clear to me that every single one of them busts their ass off without much appreciation. So, after speaking with teachers to uncover the real issues I had two areas of focus:

1. What was getting in the way of eating right

2. How much time did teachers have for exercise and how could this be made easier for them

My research has now been used to design programs for teachers. There is no one size fits all, just like with their students. It is my responsibility to teach and lead them to get the results they want.

Testing is part of everything that I do so when 15 teachers reported changes in both their physical appearance and in their mindset around exercise, I knew this was something worth sharing. 

These 15 teachers reported:

- The increased energy inside and outside of the classroom

- Coffee was no longer a life saver, teachers were able to function and perform the way they wanted on the job.

- The feedback that they were setting a better example for their students.

- Improved mood and overall feeling better about themselves and their lives.

Be Teacher Fit!

It became crystal clear that more could be done. After speaking with more teachers, we designed a comprehensive health & fitness program for this occupation that needed it now more than ever!

What teacher can possibly afford high-end personal training for hundreds of dollars a month? What teacher can buy all organic vegetables and has copious amounts of time to meal prep and eat during the week? 

My findings came down to 3 simple conclusions:

  1. Teachers need a guide that simplifies healthy eating in a way that fits into their busy schedule. For most, snacking all day won’t work. Neither will cumbersome meal plans or lots of time spent cooking.
  2. Exercise needs to be efficient and focused and planned around the teacher’s schedule.
  3. Support is necessary. Work builds up quickly for teachers, and the first thing to falter is usually personal health because no infrastructure exists to help protect it.

To solve for this problem, I created the Teacher Fitness Training. The elements were designed by teacher’s needs and built for their lifestyle.

The program consists of 2 components:


When you sign up below, instantly you will be sent your free guide to eating and living better. Forget the typical calorie restriction diets, nobody has time for those. It is a practical guide that shares all you need to know about eating, meal planning, menu creation and what exercises work BEST for you.

2) Access into the teacher fitness training program

Teachers don't have more time to figure out how to eat, how to exercise and find their support system to live the way they want. Plus, all of this is usually not somethign that they can afford. The Teacher Fitness Training program takes care of all of this at a price you can afford. When you join, you will receive:

- Private 1-1 coaching towards your goals

- Training programs sent each week (that can be completed anywhere)

- Nutritional assistant customized to your goals.

- Approved food lists (with lots of goodies on it)

- Access to a private community of teacher's - all crushing similar goals! 

Joining The Program

The Teacher Fitness Training was designed for YOU, the teacher, to remove your barriers and empower you to look and feel the way you want.  

To join the movement, simply fill out the form below and you’ll be sent your free guide and receive more information so you can join the program. Like most courses, enrollment will happen in cohorts. I’ll be accepting applicants for only one weekand then you’ll be moved to a waiting list that will be revisited each month. So if you want to join, send in your application now.

It’s time to arm teachers with what they need to be the change and take back their health.


Just two of the things that teachers LOVE about the program:

24/7 access for calls, texts and emails.

1 x weekly check in to discuss progress.



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