Can we get something straight?

You have probably heard all about those "30 day fix" programs (UGH) - What are you fixing? You are not broken. You may be attracted to the ease of what these programs seem to offer and that is okay. Sure, they work for some but for MOST of us, they are a "quick fix" to what you consider to be the problem.

Why is THIS different?

- NO food restrictions.

- NO boring cardio workouts.

- 24/7 assistance.

- Live videos and private support groups.

- NO experience necessary.

- So many more reasons why this is different, see for yourself!

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    DAILY motivation

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    LIVE videos packed with tips & tricks

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    All the fat burning workouts to use during the challenge.

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    Our easy to follow nutrition guidelines and why they're important.

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    Journal requirements explained in depth, so you will feel confident in your ability to effectively track your progress.

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    Assistance with accurate body measurements to track your changes.

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    Additional support to guarantee your success!

ONLY $65.00