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The Orenda Movement - Session#1

  • Friendship Fitness Studio 4039 Brentwood Road Northwest Calgary, T2L 1L1 Canada (map)

Session #1 with Marin McCue January 14th2018

Hi, I am a yoga teacher, yyc cycle motivator, mind-body coach (, and newly published author of my first book Be the Change. As someone who experienced mental health issues for most of my life, I am inspired to create experiences for others and share tools to pave the way to your best self as you develop new healthy habits. I know the feeling of being inspired one moment and then walking right back into my old habits and negative feedback loop in my mind. I strive to create experiences and support that keep you engaged long after you walk out the door and back into your life. I struggled with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, and self-harm for many years and I discovered that when I share my story from a place of purpose and empowerment, we all break down barriers that are in the way of true healing and growth. My purpose is to share, support and lead by example for anyone who wants more for their life. When we show up as our best selves, we make a positive impact in the world. When we focus on being the best version of ourselves, we heal and inspire everyone we touch. When we work hard to develop new habits and broaden our perspective to meet people where they’re at, we are a positive catalyst in the lives of many. Join me for an afternoon of soulful music, joyful movement, inspired concepts and teachings, and a guided journal session to set the foundation for your growth in 2018.

The first session will create a foundation of balance and direction, Yoga Beat is a mindful and powerful experience as we journey from root to crown. We travel through the chakra system with intentional music and movement that might just get you believing in magic. We finish with a guided meditation and journaling session to set you up with tangible goals and actions to support you in creating momentum you desire in 2018. Be ready to sweat!