EXCLUSIVE OFFERS not available to the general public. For all my 8-week program graduates I offer custom services for those of you who need a coach and a mentor to work with on a more personal level.

Your focus may be on losing weight, gaining muscle or becoming a better role model which is why I offer these options for you to continue to become the BEST version of yourself. Continue on to greatness and understand that you can never place a price on your health.


Monthly 24/7 Support


Monthly 24/7 Support - Nutrition coaching and brand new workouts!

Nutrition is truly key when it comes to seeing results,  but it is the biggest struggle for almost everyone. Food affects us in so many ways; mentally, physically and emotionally. I am here to help coach you through your unique journey towards eating better, filling your body with nourishing foods, and kicking cravings and bad habits forever! I have a strong background in understanding many illnesses, dietary restrictions and holistic alternatives to help YOU become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself you have ever been. This monthly package provides you with VIP access to the Dunnebells app workouts, Lucy is available to you for questions, concerns and support. You can cancel your subscription at any time. .


For the longest time, I tried to do it by myself. On the days that get hard, I now know the importance of having a coach to keep me on track with not only my fitness goals but my LIFE goals.