Unwrapping the calorie count this halloween

Deciding to unwrap all of those fun-sized trick-or-treat candies could add up to more than you think! Halloween is becoming bigger each year and with so many tempting treats it can be nearly impossible to steer clear. While I will definitely be enjoying my fair share of my favourite treats, I won't be allowing this to derail me from the fitness train I am on. I know you have the ability and will power to do the same. I have created this chart below so you can keep this in mind when reaching for those handfuls of Reese's Peanut Butter bites!

Halloween - Dunnebells chart.png

We spend so many other days in the year consuming healthy meals such as Oatless Oatmeal and chopped peanut butter salads

If you ask me, these are special times that are a lot of fun. Halloween and holidays in general. You SHOULD enjoy your favourite treats. You should not restrict yourself or ever feel guilty for the occasional splurge.

Keep in mind your calorie intake by using the above chart when enjoying the delicious candy. Balance things out and try my shoulder blasting workout or master your push-ups by reading my push-up 101 article.

Happy Halloween!

Stay strong. Be the fire.


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