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Living a healthy life is a choice of lifestyle. It is salient, formidable, and momentous to live healthy, especially at this day and age. Consequently, in order to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to know how to do it right. Often even after hours at the gym and putting in abiding effort results aren't apparent. Why?

Before I was an online personal trainer, I spent 5 years trying to lose 65 lbs and I can tell you that I did all of the wrong things! Often, we have a lot of subsequent underlying issues that come up and in this article, we are going to cover all of them.

Here are the 6 scary fitness habits that are hurting your workout and are detrimental to your ideal body.

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Too much of anything is never a good thing. Cardio can be a really effective way to burn calories and improve the health of your heart. Yet at the same time, too much of it leads to dwindling your strength. My suggestion is that your cardio routine consists of HITT (high-intensity interval training) for a strenuous period of 15 minutes. If you insist on turning it up a notch, combine it with a balanced macronutrient diet. This way, you will definitely see better results. When you focus on your nutrition, you don’t have to start saying no to your favourite foods and you definitely don’t have to ask for the dressing on the side when you use these 6 homemade healthy salad dressings you can make at home this summer.


Inadequate sleep can do more harm than imaginable. Sleep equals muscle recovery. Muscle recovery equals achieving stronger, more toned muscles at a quicker pace. If your muscles aren't rested working those muscles out is almost as good as not working them out at all. 6-8 hours of sleep is an adamant habit you need to incorporate in order to achieve better results. Looking for some tips on how to sleep better? Check out these 17 proven tips and try just one of them to start.


Starving yourself and counting calories to lose weight is one of the major misconceptions that exist. Food is fuel; fuel is a vital ingredient for the path you are taking. Working out on an empty stomach is not what I recommend. Try your best to have some carbs 1-2 hours before your workout so you have enough fuel to get you through your session. If you do work out on an empty stomach, you run the rise of losing muscle instead of strengthening and developing toned muscle. As women, carrying a small amount of muscle mass on our body can do incredible things to our energy levels, metabolism, and overall health.


Protein is essential for two extremely important elements: Muscle repair and Metabolism. Protein boosts muscle recovery, which is important to build muscle further. Try incorporating protein in every meal you have throughout the day. Loading up on protein as and when you can is essential and beneficial, and hence it should be done. Interested in high-protein meals that are low on time and ingredients?


Improper form is single-handedly the most common mistake that can have some harsh repercussions. Having the wrong form can cause countless muscle and joint injuries. Hiring an online personal trainer will ensure you are doing the right amount of reps at the correct weight with the correct form. This will help you work out the muscle that needs to be worked out, in the correct manner and at the end of the day, see results instead of hindering your workout results.


Have you ever heard that less is more? Well, sometimes when it comes to your workouts this is true. Excessive amounts of time in the gym isn’t always great for your body. Excessive long workouts can be dangerous especially if you are not taking enough rest.

Overtraining is when your training volume or intensity of your workout is too long. This has a huge impact on your body and for my ladies, your hormone levels can become out of whack (especially testosterone and cortisol). I personally did a lot of harm to my health by over-exercising. The intensity of my workouts were too long and I was not properly fuelled. What was happening in my body? Exercise-induced concentrations of catecholamines are elevated. These hormones were produced in my body in a reaction to stress. This can be very scary and can definitely hurt your fitness results.


If your results aren't something that is coming as quickly as you think they should try to keep in mind the pointers mentioned above. Remember that giving up should never be in your workout vocabulary, but at the same time pushing yourself too much shouldn't be either. Work hard, in the correct manner and push the limits instead of defying them. Soon enough with consistency and discipline, you will be able to grasp all the results you have endlessly envisioned for yourself.  

Stay strong. Be the fire.

Do you think one of these habits has been holding your fitness results back? Comment below.

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