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Kelsi and I met in July of 2015, after a very unexplainable friendship request on Facebook. We have contacted Facebook to try and find out how this friend request happened, but needless to say, we are thankful that it did. I (Lucy) am from Australia and Kelsi is a Canadian. I knew it at the time, and Kelsi pretended that she didn’t know this, but we had found our “forever person”.

After only 5 months into our relationship, Kelsi flew to Portugal with Lucy to meet her parents (who live in Melbourne). This was a huge step in our relationship. We believe if you can have fun and travel with a person, you can do almost anything together.

You may or may not have seen one of the most epic lesbian proposals to date (which went viral on social media). This is where it all started, with Kelsi and a far-fetched idea to propose while we were in Australia in November 2017.

You can check out the video here (grab the tissues) or head to this article to find our story told by Dancing with her.

Okay, so now that Kelsi proposed we didn’t know what was next. Plan a wedding I guess?

As lesbians, there are many untraditional ways to do things. One of these things being that the other woman in the relationship would also like an engagement ring. We didn’t want to just “do what everyone else was doing”. So in typical Lucy fashion, I left it to the last minute with our wedding only 1-month away to plan this proposal you are about to read more about.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in making this proposal special.

There is a very special thank you that needs to go out to Thomas, the owner of Alberta Apparel. Why? Well, Thomas made a dream come true. Kelsi is obsessed with the Toyota 4 runner. You guys, like obsessed. The car is on her phone background! That is how much love she has for it. Turns out, these are impossible to rent from a rental car company or a dealership. Kelsi would come home every evening from work and talk about how she saw “The Alberta Apparel guy with the Toyota 4 runner parked outside his house 1-block away from us.” Creepy, right?

With the idea in my mind that I wanted this proposal to be extra special, I thought about how Kelsi would get the chance to drive her dream vehicle in the mountains for the weekend, I reached out to Thomas. As a last resort thinking surely this stranger won’t let me borrow his car. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. We met up for a coffee at Nosh by nourish and discussed my plan in detail to see if this could work.

The Toyota set up ready for Kelsi after the proposal

The Toyota set up ready for Kelsi after the proposal

Kelsi is a much better storyteller than I am, so in the words of the most beautiful girl on this earth, here is the surprise lesbian proposal with help from the local community story:


“I woke up yesterday, late. My mom had stayed the night after a big bowl of Vietnamese, and when I went to apologize for sleeping in, she was gone.

I then spent the morning on the phone with my best friend, and we chatted about our upcoming day, and looked forward to Sunday, as we were supposed to be meeting up.

Next, I went on a trip to the mountains with another friend, who was taking me golfing. The two of us together going was odd enough pair for a game of golf, but I went with it simply because I love a free round. And? I especially love the mountains. I was to be doing a friend a favour, and that excited me.

We then got stuck in traffic leaving the city. I sh*t you not, two and a half hours later, we passed a collision between two semi-trucks. We chose to see the positive in it, and enjoyed our time on the road, chatting about anything and everything.

We make it to Canmore. Perfect, one last pit-stop before getting to the course. I was aware that we were meeting a contractor from my friends work to pick out a stone for a project. I ask no questions.


That’s how I see it. We park the damn car and it’s pouring rain. My friend is trying to get me out of the car and to be honest? I wasn’t having it. She could go run her little work errand on her own and I’d wait in the car, and then we’d go. I was comfy, I didn’t see the point of standing outside in the rainstorm.

Next thing, she’s bawling, and she hands me a handwritten note and a clue. Bawling! Sobbing, and laughing all at the same time.


I now know exactly what’s happening. I feel it. I worry about it, and the god-damn golf attire I’ve dressed myself in. I try to pull my sh*t together as much as possible and I go on my way. I look at her in the eyes and ask for her if we’re going golfing and her response was disappointing and overwhelming all at the same time.

I whisper to myself:

“Well, this is it, this is where she’s proposing”. I walk from the car, through a field, through some bushes, and waiting for me is my ‘soon-to-be’ bride. She and another friend, who’s been in on this for a while, are waiting for me. Soaking wet. So happy and so in love.

And now?


After the excitement of this beautiful moment, we headed to the parking lot where this Toyota 4 Runner waited. I handed Kelsi the key, and swear she was more excited about this than the ring! We drove to a beautiful Airbnb cabin and spent the remainder of the weekend eating delicious food, dancing around in our underwear, starring at Kelsi’s hand with a ring on it and admiring the photos captured from this surprise lesbian proposal.

Having this moment captured in such a magnificent way, by one of our best friends Kathryn Daisy Lynn photography, is something we will forever be grateful for. Katie says “Yesterday I got to be a part of something very special. A proposal shoot that I will never forget. It rained... A lot. But it hid my tears!
While these two are getting married in September, it felt important for both women to get a ring. And now they have! Love is love! And THIS LOVE is among the most beautiful of all”.

We have a life of happiness, adventure, and surprises ahead of us. Marrying your best friend is something we hope everyone gets the chance to do, no matter what gender your best friend is. Love is love, and love should be celebrated.

Thank you for reading our story and thank you for the incredible local community members who helped make this proposal extra special.

We will be sharing detail about our wedding on Instagram. Follow along here.