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Peppermint tea is one of the healthiest drinks you can opt for. Are you someone who gets these random cravings of drinking something after dinner or having something sweet after a meal? Having peppermint tea would be a great choice! If you are not familiar with the benefits of this delicious tea, read below to find out!

6 science-backed benefits of peppermint tea:

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For those of you who may suffer from a regular upset stomach, consuming peppermint tea after meals would be a great choice. It helps in reducing bloating. There is methanol present in peppermint tea which helps in reducing stomach aches, constipation as well as bloating.

Peppermint helps the stomach muscles relax. It is also a great drink to consume during your period as it reduces cramps and gives a gentle, soothing effect.


If you are anything like me, it can be hard to remember to drink enough water daily. In such a case, you must look out for other hydrating drinks to meet the daily body requirements for water. Peppermint tea is a water-based drink and most options are caffeine-free. This makes peppermint tea an excellent option for increasing your fluid intake, which assists in keeping your body hydrated.


Methanol is an active oil present in peppermint tea. This oil has antibacterial characteristics. Thus, it is perfect for keeping the bacteria that are responsible for bad breath away. Therefore, you will always find your mouth feeling fresher and fragrant! The antibacterial properties also help in washing off the plaque that settles in the mouth and leads to foul smell. Looking for some other ways to improve your oral health? Check out my feature for Citizen Dental: What diet is best for teeth health.


Peppermint tea is a perfect night-time drink for all! The reason for this simple. It helps in overall relaxation and soothes the stomach; it also improves your metabolism and aids in digestion. This allows your body to relax vs. work. Peppermint tea is good for the stomach but it is also really good for other body parts. Another great benefit of peppermint tea is that it can help to reduce sugar cravings. Thus, you tend to stay healthier and make better choices (especially in the evening). Moreover, it does not contain any caffeine. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the sleepless nights or other ill effects of caffeine on your body. This will ensure you sleep better.


Feelings of indigestion and heartburn can be extremely discomforting for all. In case you regularly face the issue of indigestion, peppermint tea might be the solution for you! Peppermint tea contains methyl salicylate as well as methanol. Both these elements are known to have an antispasmodic effect on your body. Therefore, they can help in calming the gastrointestinal tract; facilitating better digestion.


Peppermint tea has antibacterial properties. Thus, it helps in keeping the harmful bacteria at bay and thus, boosts your immune system. It also has antioxidants which make the white blood cells in the body move faster. That is, the circulation of blood is faster, which enhances the speed with which the body fights bacteria and different viruses. The presence of potassium and vitamin B helps in healthier functioning of the body.

Pro tip: make sure you pick natural peppermint tea and not the one with additives in it. Only natural peppermint tea will help you reap maximum benefit from it! Drink healthy to stay healthy!


What you eat and drink deserves your attention when it comes to your overall health. Consuming peppermint tea regularly can make a big difference but please don’t expect to start drinking tea and expect all of the other goals and results to fall in your lap. My clients know that I focus on each person individually and the same is true when it comes to your overall health. We are all very different and it is important to listen to your bodies warning signs. This is about finding what works for your lifestyle instead of feeling like you have to follow a long list of “dos” and “don’ts”.

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